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It’s the Little Things

The York Races are on today, which essentially translates to hell on earth for York residents, especially if you live near the train station like I do. On these days you can’t get into the station or through it without a ticket so I’m forced to wave my friend off from the gates. Touching. After fighting my way back home I find a letter that says even though I wrote a letter as I was told, I’m not actually allowed to opt out of a pension scheme without filling out another form online. And speaking of forms, after pain-stakingly filling out a CRB check form for one of my new jobs, I am told that it is wrong even though I’ve followed the instructions on the paper. Apparently the company has their own rules so back I go to redo the whole thing. Oh goody!

All I want is to go to the station, not pay into my pension right this second and start my new jobs but the world would suggest otherwise. Argh! To say I’m frustrated is probably an understatement.

It is, in fact, the little things that are the most frustrating elements of life, and sort of reminds me of a film I helped make in second year of university, called Little Things about a man who is annoyed by the slightest thing.

Stress! Hope your day is going well, better than mine in fact.

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Guys, guys, guys! I have exciting news!

I’m directing a pilot for a web series this semester (which also happens to be my last, sob sob) and the theme ladies and gentlemen, is STEAMPUNK. Yes! For those of you who are unsure as to what it is, allow me to enlighten you to my take on it, as there are quite a few different opinions floating around out there. Imagine a world where steam has been used to develop technology, only steam. There’s no industrial revolution, no mobile phones, no cars. But there are airships and rayguns (big maybe) and women are equal to men in every way. It’s like the world is stuck in the Victorian age but are more advanced in some things simultaneously. And it’s so cool! It’s seen more of as an alternate reality and doesn’t really rely on legitimacy. Better not do anyway because I’m planning on doing this my way ha.

Essentially, this story is something like Sherlock Holmes, of course, but with a female lead called Gwendolyn Carrioncrow. She’s smart, she’s feisty and she’s fearless; she’ll stop at nothing to solve a case and she’ll do virtually anything to get what she wants. No, not like that! You disgust me. She’s very self assured but refuses to get close to people, after her parents died when she was just twelve and was forced to live with her elderly (and senile) aunt.

But enough of her! Let’s get down to business! Of course, similar to the last project, we are setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds. We are also hopefully holding a fund raiser which will include a bun sale and a quiz in York because steampunk, my friends, is NOT cheap. It’s all in the detail you see and it’s going to be a lot of hard work and money to make it look right. All I ask is that when the Kickstarter is live, please at least take a look at it (I will link it of course) and if you can, donate something, anything. We would be so grateful. I just want this film made so badly, it’s my last ever semester at university and I really want it to go well.

Now, I’m sure you’re tired of me banging on so I will bid you adieu for now and munch on a biscuit or something. Farewell, and I’ll update you later on in the project 🙂


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Camerimage Film Festival, Bydgoszcz

After five nights of an ungodly low amount of sleep, six days of films and one hundred pounds, I am now back in York and it is bloody freezing. I have just been on a trip with uni to Bydgoszcz in Poland to visit the Camerimage Film Festival which celebrates the talents and the career of cinematographers. It’s a week filled with seminars and screenings and people from all nationalities and it was truly fascinating. As well as getting to see lots of cultural films that we wouldn’t normally think twice about we also got to sample authentic Polish cuisine and nightlife and let me tell you, it’s a very different way of life to the British.

We saw lots of amazing films, including a very French one called Augustine which had lots of naked lady bodies in it. We also got to see the new Coen Brothers film called Inside Llewyn Davis which is about a folk singer/guitarist who just can’t make it in the business. I really enjoyed this one and it was so beautiful to look at. Which you would hope because it’s a cinematography festival… Other films included Wicked Blood, the first film to be shot in Sony 4K about a girl whose family is involved in the drug business and she is trying to find a way to escape becoming one of them. We also got the chance to watch the music video competition including videos from 30 Seconds to Mars which was great, although we had to sit on the stairs because apparently the festival organisers had limited concern for fire health and safety. Sometimes it was manic. Sometimes people were sitting in the aisles and on the stairs and on the stage. Shaking my head.

Every night when we weren’t watching films we found the time to go for dinner in lots of different restaurants and I tell you now, the food in Poland is cheap. Approx. £6 for a massive pizza that would cost you £12 in England. All of the food was amazing, there wasn’t a meal that I didn’t enjoy; however, it seemed that the food didn’t agree with me at all and unfortunately I was poorly for a good portion of the holiday. Not as poorly as those who went on the lash and rolled into the hotel at 8am, just in time for breakfast.

The city of Bydgoszcz in itself is a very industrial place with a strange part known as the old town that is pretty and picturesque. It’s strange to see the two contrasting sides of it; you literally walk over a bridge and the whole atmosphere of the city changes. It’s just not a tourist area, which is a shame, because not many people there understand English and you kind of have to be local to know where to go and what to do. Unless you want to go to a museum about the history of soap and dirt which is quite well advertised.

Overall, it’s been a great trip and I may put some photos up which I should ideally put on this post but I’m getting sleepy and the words aren’t really making sense to me anymore; I just wanted you to know that I had a great time, however, I am very, very glad to be home! Yorkshire will always be my home and it’s wonderful here. You should visit York, not Bydgoszcz. Jokes.



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Student Ambassador!

Yesterday I had my very first shift as a student ambassador at an open day at my uni and first impressions? It’s bloody exhausting! I don’t think I’ve ever been as tired in my life, it felt worse than the jet lag I experienced travelling to Australia. I was really nervous to start with, I didn’t know what to expect which is one of the things that I really hate. I like to know what I’m doing, I hate going into something not knowing exactly what’s going to happen, which is mostly why I don’t like the theatre.

I started out helping around with putting up signs and banners and I was then put on my first post greeting peeps and pointing them in the right direction. By this point it was raining – great – but it wasn’t normal rain, it was very fine and light and horrible. After chatting to one of my tutors for a while about how I’d been awake since 6 and was wishing for better weather, I was put onto my second post which was a little ginnel between two of the accommodation sites. It was my job to run between these two sites making sure people weren’t getting lost on their way to each place. This meant doing lots of dashing about and chatting and smiling to people. It’s a lot of hard work. No, really. But it was an awesome experience talking to prospective students and their lovely parents. I found out that one of them plays cricket in my home village. Crazy small world.

It really was a great day, as shattered as I was, it was great to meet new ambassadors, New students, parents and a couple of tutors. I love talking to new people and even though I was a bit nervous about it, I found it really easy. Definitely looking forward to Wednesday’s shift now…well maybe not the early start. It’ll be worth it. I’ll probably just crash at Sam’s afterwards, sounds about right 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my actual like-a-blog-blog-post today, first time I’ve written about anything worthwhile haha.


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Film Pals, I Need You

I’m in third year now – yes, scary, I know this – and we’re well on our way with the pre-production stage of making our film! It has to be said it’s very ambitious as a student project but I think it will be achieved through lots of hard work. This is where you lovely guys and gals come in. I believe that we are setting up a Kickstarter project, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is a website that supports crowd funding. Essentially you post a project and a target and people can pledge money to you, as little or as much as they like, and in return you give them rewards such as merchandise or even a credit. The page isn’t online yet but I shall be posting the details as soon as. Guys, I’m not asking for much, but I really love this course and I would love to do the best with it that it can achieve. I’d love you forever. Not that I don’t anyway, you sexy beast 😉

And now you’re probably wondering what this film will actually be about. Well, let’s just say for now that it’s set in the not too distant future and it’ll be cool as balls. Details will follow, I promise.

And for your time reading this, here’s a cute little hedgehog.


Oh Hai 3rd Year…

The third week of the first semester of my final year has just come to a close and TGIF, am I right? Third year. Ah. It’s actually the end. Everyone told me it would fly by and did I believe them? No hashtaglol. This year is going to consist of two sizeable film productions, a ten thousand word dissertation, accompanying commentaries of around 2,500 words a five thousand word portfolio or two talking about what I have learned and what I’m going to do with my life. Uh huh. I see. Right. I’m making this sound like I came to university not expecting to get any work, it’s not like that, really. It’s just that…well. Are there enough days for this? Will there be enough hours for sleep? I like sleep.

Of course, I’m having you on. Jk. But seriously, I am. I’m gonna embrace it. Welcome you dissertation and you production (gonna be sound designer btw for anyone who wants to hire me 😉 I know what I’m doing, js). I realise I’ve used a lot of acronyms in this. Sigh. I hang around with my cool friends too much, they’re rubbing off on me.

In other news, I’m hoping to do a[nother] vlog soon about Star Trek and Into Darkness. I’ve been requested to do these because the people who I acquaint with are quite partial to a bit of Star Trek here and there. I will be honest in the video.

And to finish, here’s some adorable kitties to make you giggle (Just in case I didn’t entertain you).

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Summer has arrived! But for how long..?

It’s no secret that it’s sunny outside. Unless you hide away in your room doing whatever  it is that you do without a window. But even then the Brits on things like Imgur and Reddit must have alerted you to the glory that is the sun.

So to celebrate the wonderful sunshine, me and my friend went to York’s Museum Gardens which is a delightful area in York, full of grass and flowers and a museum (what did you expect?) and there are some abbey ruins which are pretty awesome to sit by. We had a mini picnic and the obligatory ice cream and just enjoyed the sun. I think it’s nice sometimes to just go sit with friends outside, and not necessarily do anything, but just…for want of a better word…bask in the sunshine. It’s nice to just listen to what’s going on around you, like you can hear birds and you can kind of hear the river from the gardens. Not to mention all the families running around – I did wonder if they should have been at school on that fine day, but that’s not my problem.

So anyway, I think it’s probably a great idea for you to get outside in the sun, rather than sitting indoors. Do anything, go anywhere, just do it with anyone you love, because it’s surprising how fast time goes without you noticing.

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The City’s Wings: A York St John University Documentary

As my previous post tells you, we have just finished our second year documentary and in this post I shall present it to you! Here you’ll find out who the Street Angels are and what they do and stand for. They deserve the recognition, so please give it a watch!

Click the picture below to go to the YouTube video!


Thanks for reading and watching, guys, I really appreciate it and this project means a lot to me. I know it’s only a student film, but I think it has an important message about these volunteers. Who are amazing btw.


Love Brittany x