Life Experience

Hairy Debates

‘I really like your hair, it’s just so blonde!’ Ahem, excuse me? I dash to the mirror, clutching my locks, it’s not blonde, whut? 

*some indefinite time later*

‘Oh look how blonde you are!’ What? Just a sec. Again, I hurry to the mirror. Something is not right, am I colour blind? Or do I just perceive hair colour incorrectly? As far as I’m aware, my hair is a soft ginger colour, not blonde. I mean, I could be wrong, right? To me, blonde is pale, pale yellow, sometimes bordering on white. And more often than not, it’s fake. But recently I’ve experienced a few arguments with me awkwardly in the centre as people debate the actual colour of my hair. It’s blonde! Nooo, it’s strawberry blonde, are you blind?? Actually, I think you’ll find it’s a pale ginger…. And then when I chip in saying it definitely is a strawberry blonde I get shot down, with peeps telling me I’m wrong and I’m blonde. Oh, I guess you’re right then, not like it’s your hair or anything, whatever.

I’m really lucky actually. I love my hair colour, but I used to hate it. Back when it was a more gingery colour, all I got was mockery at school and it really used to hack me off. ‘Shut up, ginna.’ Yeah, ginna. Whatever that is. But now, you couldn’t make me change it – don’t try!

My point is, don’t argue with me when I tell you what my hair colour is or was. K? Good 🙂