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VPLogoAs a girl who loves blogging, I keep creating new blogs with interesting themes or topics…and they never do well. Except Film and the Female I suppose but I struggle to update that because I foolishly decided that’s an essay blog for feminist posts… Go me.

But one blog that I have set up recently is for my Viking Princess endeavour. As I’ve started making cute little figurines out of polymer clay, I figured I could actually start selling them as I seem to have drummed up a lot of interest with the people around me. I’ve got a website (cheeky plug I know) but it doesn’t have a blog feature, so of course WordPress is my answer (and kind of my home).

I would greatly, greatly appreciate it if you could just have a peek at the new blog…there’s about two posts on it, but I’m working on it, trust.

Thanks so much ❤


Viking Princess

I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands, although I was never a fan of resistant materials lessons at school – I knew I would never make it as a carpenter, but I love crafts. I used to make models out of card and cardboard, sometimes houses, arcade games or imaginary friends #toocool.

For Christmas, I received a pack of Sculpey polymer clay samples of all colours of the rainbow and I got realz excited. After scouring Pinterest for jewellery and figurine ideas, I went for it and immediately fell in love.Business card

I’ve become so engrossed in clay modelling that I’ve set up a shop called Viking Princess
so that I can sell and market my creations. You can visit Viking Princess Gifts at Etsy when I’ve opened up the shop and check out my website for more info!

Before everything kicks off, though, I’d really appreciate it if you could like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Here are some things that I’ve been making already… PS. The unicorns are my absolute favourites.