The League Returns

Hello, hello what’s going on? What’s all this shouting? We’ll have no trouble here!

You must have heard the local news by now – we’re going straight back to Royston Vasey later on this year! (Did we ever leave, that’s the question).

The BBC have confirmed the return of much-loved dark sitcom The League of Gentlemen, frontlined by Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, with Jeremy Dyson completing the foursome from behind the camera.

In terms of being part of the fandom, I’m fairly new to the game considering it’s approaching its 20th anniversary. I absolutely binged it earlier this year after discovering it was the same writers of the beautifully twisted Inside No. 9, a show I had fallen in love with since watching an episode at uni.


For whatever reason at the time, I had felt myself become disenfranchised with script writing, but both Inside and League reignited that little flame inside of me. Not only did I want to watch them all the time, but I also wanted to know where the ideas came from, how they grew, how they were worked and stretched. I wanted to know everything, so I watched every single video and read every article I could find… I became thoroughly engrossed in Royston Vasey and the masterminds behind it.

We’re expecting three special episodes to be aired this year, and that’s all the information that’s been released so far. How exciting!

If you haven’t watched The League of Gentlemen, you can stream it on Netflix or get the DVD from the usual places like Amazon and HMV – it’s as simple as Mickey. I can’t recommend it enough, and surely as someone who’s seen each episode upwards of 10 times, that’s a good enough endorsement for you?

Just bear in mind that once you arrive at Royston Vasey, you’ll never leave…


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Film & the Female: Womanly Wisdom

From my other blog, Film & the Female

Our beloved ladies of the silver screen are nothing without the genius writers behind them, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best, kick-ass, inspirational, and uplifiting quotes from my favourite female characters across the years:

Female Character Quotes

Let me know of your favourite women and their fantastic lines!

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Is The X Factor really THAT bad?

“I can say I haven’t watched a single episode of that crap this year!”

“If we all buy Star Wars music we can stop their awful single making Christmas number one again!”

“The X Factor is ruining music!”

Alright, I’ve never been a die-hard fan of The X Factor, but I’m getting quite tired of hearing about how ‘crap’ it is in and around social media.

I’ve been watching it on and off this year, more than I have any other year and I became quite invested in some of the singers from start to finish. Louisa Johnson, 17 years of age and the current nation’s sweetheart won over Wembley last night with her rendition of Forever Young (Winner’s Song) and became the latest star born from The X Factor.

A winner’s tears

How far she goes within the music industry is irrelevant and a lot of people seem to have taken the show as a personal insult to their music taste. With attacks on The X Factor flying left, right and centre, it’s enough for a fan of the show to sink to their knees in despair.

In defence of the show (which I have quite enjoyed over these last few months) there are some things that seem to go straight over people’s heads when they impose their rants upon the world.

It’s just crap, trashy TV

The Tapper Family, from Channel 4’s Gogglebox

It might not be as classy as your Strictly Come Dancings or your Great British Bake Offs and it might not hold as much weight as the likes of University Challenge or Newsnight, but it’s good, easy entertainment. Watching it allows you to relax, sit around with friends or family and discuss what’s happening. After a week of working solidly, some people want to switch off and watch something fun, rather than continue to actively engage with media.

It ruins the true Christmas Number One Chart

We live in a day and age where Christmas songs are already deeply engrained into our minds; they’ve got a deep-rooted sense of nostalgia that resonates with us and for some reason, we can’t let go. We find it difficult to welcome new Christmas songs into our etched-in-stone digital playlists because they just don’t feel…well, Christmassy. The X Factor winners have had 7 Christmas number ones in the last 10 years, the other three including one defiant selection in 2009 called Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine, which I’m sure we all remember. It’s interesting to think that maybe The X Factor have successfully pushed their winners to the top because they are popular with a lot of the British public, unless it is all fixed as some rebels claim.

It’s just about Simon Cowell making money

The music industry itself is worth £4.1 billion in the UK as of 2014 and
Simon Cowell holds a net worth total of £325 million, which is a 7.2% contribution to the industry (if that’s where all his money went or came from). These big numbers account for the fact that Simon Cowell is a big, big name in music and has simon_cowell-426617been responsible for the greats that have come out of The X Factor. So, if he is making a lot of money but at the same time creating popular and legendary artists, then let him do his job.

It’s destroying the integrity of music

There is a reason that Beethoven isn’t in the charts today. Popular music changes with time, society and technology. It reflects who we are as people and goes with the flow of what has been popular before, transforming and changing in a way that nobody could explain. I accept that as the show reaches its 11th year running, it feels as though they are just looking for the best cover artist or karaoke singer. However, as they use and revamp current music, it’s unlikely that The X Factor will ever die.

Ultimately, The X Factor is harmless and does more positive than negative. Think of all the budding filmmakers / media workers who want to get a foot in the door and work on the show. Then there are the people that the show is made for: the singers. It gives them the opportunity to become the star they always wanted to be; whether they are successful or not is up to them in the end. It makes people happy who watch it and are involved in it and it brings music artists together. Last night we saw One Direction, Adele and Leona Lewis singing to the Wembley masses and it was stunning.

Just think of the artists that have been squeezed out of the millions who applied for the auditions – Olly Murs, One Direction, Little Mix, JLS, Ben Haenow etc etc… Some of them vanish into the depths of nowhere, but enough have made their way in the industry for it to be credible.

We are not ‘dumbing down’ as a nation, and we are not losing our integrity in regards to the music industry. The X Factor as I see it is a viable solution to escaping some of the hardships of life and allows us to enjoy music together, while at the same time creating new artists. Whether they are any good or not and whether they succeed is again down to the public – we are encouraged to believe.



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Got a secret, can you keep it?

pretty-little-liars-season-1-pilot-episodeOkay, so I’m on episode 15 of the first season of Pretty Little Liars and I can’t help but actually love it. I struggled through the first couple of episodes, feeling that the acting was too stodgy and the story too weak to be legitimate but after persevering, I’m literally struggling to write this post without being distracted.

A lot of people have watched it and raved about it after its last season, and I figured that it should be something excellent and addictive to watch. It is. I’m hooked and it’s convenient that it’s on Netflix so I can scroll through the episodes at my leisure.

The character development is getting stronger as each episode goes along and each character becomes more and more believable with every line. Sure, it’s still cheesy and the suspense isn’t that suspenseful but it’s incredibly intriguing. I’ll intend to write a review on my verdict of the first season (but I’ll probably forget).

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Pretty Little Liars

I’ve only just started watching this and I’ve just finished episode 3, so this is like a vague review depicting what I think so far.

And so far, so good. I knew full well what to expect when I started watching and yes it’s about a group of beautiful American girls and all the gossip and secrets that surround their lives. They’re all very self-entitled and omg my life is so much worse than yours! hashtag love ya. The writing is… eryhh… but I think the character development so far is decent even within only 3 episodes. I’m sticking with it, let’s put it that way.

My only worry is that there are now 6 seasons and I know what happens at the end (friends have been watching it for a while and I didn’t mind knowing the spoilers) which makes me wonder how on earth they have managed to fit 5 whole seasons between now and the cheeky reveal. I’m just hoping that other dramatic things are going to happen!

I have high hopes for it because a lot of my friends have watched it and there’s been a lot of hype about it around social media lately, so that must mean it’s good…right? An update will follow once I’m more into it.


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That’s a Wrap!

I know, I know, it’s been a while but I’ve been super busy being the director of the shiny new steampunk web series known as A Murder of Crows which I’m sure you’ve all heard of by now. It’s feisty, it’s fun, but most of all it’s really close to my heart. It’s been a year now since this idea has been circling around my brain, trying to get out and eventually, it did. Thank god. I wrote the script, submitted it for reviews, changed it (drastically at times) and voilà! I’m sitting here, trying to stay awake on like 5 hours’ sleep thinking well, that’s it. All we have to do now is edit the damn thing and then there it is, ready for the world to watch, enjoy and love. Or watch, loathe and tear to shreds, but we’ll see. Audiences are very tricky to determine, but I figured if I like it, our audience will also like it.

It’s been a tough three weeks. We’ve done a lot of filming which includes an awful lot of late nights and early mornings. We’ve had stresses and fallings out, people being sad or angry or frustrated, but we’re all friends again now and we’re all excited to see what the edit will bring. It’s been lovely to see something that I’ve written and formed become something physical and real that other people believe in and I am so excited to present it to the steampunk community to see what everyone thinks of it. The dream then is for it to become a beloved web-series and for it to turn into something magnificent. I have plenty more ideas for other episodes and I desperately want to carry it on. It all depends of course on the reception and any funding, but that’s just how the industry works.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures to goggle over and I’ll try to keep you updated with what’s going on! I promise x

Day 3 (10)Day 6 (3)Day 7 (3)Crew Picture


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A Murder of Crows Kickstarter Campaign

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, my web series pilot’s Kickstarter Campaign! We’re asking for one thousand pounds which seems a lot, I know, but compared to the billions of dollars that people spend on Hollywood films, it’s barely anything. The money is intended to go towards costumes, location hire (we’ve found an indoor victorian street in a museum in York!), caring for actors’ needs and anything else that a film production requires. I’m not going to beg you to pledge, I’m just going to say that I would really, really appreciate anything that you could kindly give; it’s my last ever uni project and I just want it to be the best that it can!

So please, explore the page, visit the website, get involved and enjoy! That’s all I ask, really.

Here’s the kickstarter link: and here’s the website link if you just fancy a browse.

Thank you! Love you!

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Guys, guys, guys! I have exciting news!

I’m directing a pilot for a web series this semester (which also happens to be my last, sob sob) and the theme ladies and gentlemen, is STEAMPUNK. Yes! For those of you who are unsure as to what it is, allow me to enlighten you to my take on it, as there are quite a few different opinions floating around out there. Imagine a world where steam has been used to develop technology, only steam. There’s no industrial revolution, no mobile phones, no cars. But there are airships and rayguns (big maybe) and women are equal to men in every way. It’s like the world is stuck in the Victorian age but are more advanced in some things simultaneously. And it’s so cool! It’s seen more of as an alternate reality and doesn’t really rely on legitimacy. Better not do anyway because I’m planning on doing this my way ha.

Essentially, this story is something like Sherlock Holmes, of course, but with a female lead called Gwendolyn Carrioncrow. She’s smart, she’s feisty and she’s fearless; she’ll stop at nothing to solve a case and she’ll do virtually anything to get what she wants. No, not like that! You disgust me. She’s very self assured but refuses to get close to people, after her parents died when she was just twelve and was forced to live with her elderly (and senile) aunt.

But enough of her! Let’s get down to business! Of course, similar to the last project, we are setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds. We are also hopefully holding a fund raiser which will include a bun sale and a quiz in York because steampunk, my friends, is NOT cheap. It’s all in the detail you see and it’s going to be a lot of hard work and money to make it look right. All I ask is that when the Kickstarter is live, please at least take a look at it (I will link it of course) and if you can, donate something, anything. We would be so grateful. I just want this film made so badly, it’s my last ever semester at university and I really want it to go well.

Now, I’m sure you’re tired of me banging on so I will bid you adieu for now and munch on a biscuit or something. Farewell, and I’ll update you later on in the project 🙂


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Entering the World of Winter


I know I’m ridiculously late to the scene, but today I have started my quest to watch Game of Thrones. Which I’m finding amazing by the way. Of course, I knew it was going to be astounding from all the hype on the internet about it (sites like Imgur have been ridic crazy about it, and unfortunately I’ve encountered spoilers along the way, but what else could I expect leaving it this long to watch it?) I’ve just put episode 5 of season 1 into my DVD player – Sean Bean whatta man – and I can tell its going to be a long but interesting night. I need to be up early too; I’ve started a Wii Fit regime (almost nostalgic right??) because it’s summer and I’m at home for the next three weeks which means I shall be eating lots and doing nothing ie. watching Game of Thrones.

I’m really looking forward to watching the rest of it and afterwards may have to steal the books off my Mum (whose birthday it was today, just sayin’). Tell you what though, it doesn’t half make me want to watch Lord of the Rings, not just because of Beanie… ha.

Anyway! Also thought I’d say thank you guys because today I hit 50 WordPress followers! I know it’s nothing much, especially compared to some of you, but I’m pretty stoked about it. Cheers anyway! Hope you’re still with me after this post 😉


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Being at home gives me the opportunity to watch one of my beloved trashy tv shows: The Jeremy Kyle Show. I’m not even kidding, I love it so much, I could watch it all day. It’s not to make myself feel better, or to laugh at those on it…it’s more if a fascination that I get to know that people actually live with these problems. And yes, I’m going to live by the fact that it’s not actors, unlike what I think about Jerry Springer or something. And loads of people go on about Jeremy being hypocritical, but I couldn’t care less, I love it and always will.

Thank you for putting up with my meaningless, yet clearly highly interesting posts and rants 😉 ha.