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Köln – July 2016

13575958_10210001011284647_8954873265929576139_oIt’s been 5 years since I was last in Germany, and being there again recently entirely
reignited my love for the country.

Meeting my assigned exchange student in 2011 was terrifying; I had no idea if we would get on, or whether I would be a good enough host. 5 years later, we’re talking about weddings and babies and careers. It’s been a magical journey so far, and I hope I don’t leave as big a gap this time…

Day 1

Köln is a beautiful city, but we didn’t spend much time in the city centre as before. Our first achievement was… [read more]

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TBT: Iceland 2015

All I’m going to say is: TAKE ME BACK.

Let’s look at a pretty slideshow of some of our pictures because I’m feeling slightly nostalgic all the way back to November 2015 (and I discovered that you can make slideshows just this morning and I want to use it).

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Heck yes.

Reykjavik 2015

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Reykjavik 2015

I’ve written about our experiences in Iceland with some photos. Genuinely one of the best times I’ve ever had and it’s such a beautiful country. I would go back in a heartbeat.




11225077_10207052715189268_8371024550101015735_nThis time last week I was rushing around like a headless chicken, trying to fit the dentist in Castleford around posting a
parcel and travelling from York to London.

Miss Lisa Cooke, my partner in crime and best buddy lives down there with a few others including another bestie of mine – Alice. Now, in no more than one word those couple of days were absolutely: fabulous!

It’s always a treat when you get reunited with such good friends and to us it felt like no time had elapsed at all. Everything felt normal and just as it always had done, except this time we were further south than before. It was wonderful though, as well, to actually see London for the first time since I was about ten years old. I remember going on the London Eye and round the Natural History Museum, but that’s about it. This time, I got to see all the wonderful things that London has to offer.

We spent hours walking around South Bank, got to see St Pauls, wandered in a few famous stores, things like that. We went in a couple of the museums there, which were just great and had a look around Camden Market. The big thing, however, that not everyone does when they go to London, was visiting The London Cat Village. A little cafe, tucked away in East London, you book an appointment and go sip tea alongside lovely little kitties. Yes, real cats. It only lasted an hour out of the two days but it was really magical and something truly unique. I’ve only heard of a few cat cafes but I’m adamant that there should be some more. I have never felt more relaxed and oh my goodness they were all so adorable and fluffy!

I literally had the best time in London and I was really sad to come home. Leaving good friends behind like that is never nice but I suppose I’m lucky for the world that we live in, being able to stay in touch so easily.

I’m really glad I’ve been able to experience London properly, however, it did make me realise I am a bit of a country bumpkin – mainly when more than three people across both days couldn’t understand my Yorkshire accent. It’s an incredibly fast and busy world down there, I don’t think I would be able to keep up. I think I’d like to keep the novelty of riding on the tube just that – a novelty – and not a commute.

Next time, I’m determined to go see a show and I’m sure Lisa wouldn’t mind coming along with me…

Here are some pictures from my visit 🙂

10012763_10208076549534306_887412416003209996_o 12195973_10207052712189193_9197557819784000199_n 10549987_10208076542294125_5094628126912142438_o 11033727_10208076516973492_6522654485237215457_o 11140250_10208076554614433_3001632927359444579_n  11013580_10208076526933741_6516557010004356795_o 12183837_10208076550774337_2070170964984713988_o 12185068_10208076551494355_7873137430427808746_o 12189288_10208076530533831_5947869097691066731_o 12195056_10208076524013668_1535142858677508241_o

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The Great Yorkshire Show 2013

ALL of the people

I don’t make it a secret that I’m from Yorkshire – it’s pretty obvious if you know me…which most of you don’t, but that’s irrelevant. Yesterday I went to the Great Yorkshire Show which is a massive agricultural show that runs across three days each year in Harrogate. The grounds are huge and are filled with tents, marquees, buses, trailers, showgrounds and people. With prams (I’ll get onto that later). These tents are crammed with food stalls, clothes, arts and crafts, leaflets on the seaside, stress balls shaped into cows, cheese, flowers, wine, gifts, clocks, mirrors…the list could go on forever. It’s amazing. You can buy and sample so many things here. And then there’s the thing that is the real reason the show is there. The agricultural judging. People take their livestock, including sheep, pigs, cows, rabbits, horses, pigeons in the hope of winning a rosette or two. I’m not really into this element of the show, but it’s nice to look at all the animals and marvel at how amazing they are. Some of the bulls are huge, it’s terrifying. Less terrifying (depending on what they’re actually wearing) are the fashion shows, demonstrating the latest fashions for country-lovers. Some of the clothes looked really nice, others…well, no I won’t say. There was also plenty of music throughout the grounds, although someone absolutely slaughtered (ha, get it? No? Okay 😦 ) a Genesis song.

And now, I’m going to give you a rundown of what we did – don’t worry, it won’t be too long,  I never write much in my posts anyway, do I?

To kickstart the day after a 6am rise, two trains and a bus ride, we headed straight for a food marquee to grab a bacon sandwich. This is all my Dad wanted and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Ever. The bacon was so good (Sorry if you’re a vegetarian, but it is a farm show) and the bread was amazing. It certainly woke me up.

Is cheese

After the bacon-ness we went straight to the Food Hall because that gets ridiculously busy and pretty unbearable when all (at least) 40,000 visitors have been squeezed through the gates. Inside, there are so many different stalls where you can buy fresh meat, fruit, cheese, wine, cider, chocolate, bread, crisps, fudge, pastries…all sorts. It’s more of a place to buy food to take home with you, rather than to eat there and then. But the glory of this place is the free samples that you get, I must have had my share of a few sausages – laugh if you must – from all the samples that I had. I also tried goats milk (never again, thank you), so much cheese, ginger beer and many other things. I just always feel guilty though when we eat their samples, then walk away without buying anything. Muahaha. No, but really, it was so good. Everything tasted amazing.

I believe (because my memory is appalling) that after the Food Hall we went round a lot of the tents and stalls that were spread across this 250 acre site, taking in all the sights, the sounds and, of course, the delightful smells. I say this sarcastically as any person who lives in the country would understand, animals do not smell all that great. We went into one of the arts and crafty marquees and in there was a stall with handmade jewellery created using bits and bobs like, oh I dunno, bits of Lego. Like LOTR Lego characters, or Star Wars. This woman used loads of stuff and I ended up with a nice bracelet with tiny coloured dice woven into it. She had made sweets out of plastic (or something like that) and made them into necklaces. It was awesome. I know of a couple of websites that already do this and I desperately want to mention them, but I think there’s something about not being allowed to? I don’t know. But everything was so cool! Had to be one of my favourite stalls. The clothes ones weren’t as fantastic, as they were definitely aimed at a certain type of person. Made in Chelsea perhaps? A lot of it was like riding gear outfits and I won’t go near horses, so it’s definitely not intended for me.


When we’d walked around for ages and I’d had a chocolate milkshake that was amazing to begin with and then tasted like battery fluid when I reached the dregs, we went in search for a venison burger, which is all I’d ever wanted when my mum asked if I wanted to go to the Show about a month ago. We did find a trailer that did them, but there was such a wait! It was well worth it, needless to say. I love venison. The last time I had it, before this, was in York when an international food market came. Oh gosh, it was so tasty. Mmmm. Yeah…

Totally lost my train of thought there…

After the venison burger, we just went round again, looking at everything we’d missed. By this point, I was already knackered. I don’t do getting up early and then being non-stop for hours after that. I don’t deserve to be a student really. And what made if worse was the people. Unfortunately, people are just so rude. Especially when they have a pram in front of them. The majority of people with pushchairs thought it appropriate to use them as battering rams to get everybody else out of the way. My question at this point is simple: why would you bring a pram, something large and with an actual human sitting in it, into a tent that has walkways barely two people wide? Why? And then complain that people aren’t letting you past or are getting in your way. Where would you like me to go, lady?! Anyway, on a nicer note, we saw llamas and owls and spoke to lots of lovely people. So it was a nice day, honestly, it was just difficult dealing with all of the ignorant humanoids that think pushing is the way forward. Not without a smack, it isn’t.

They said it was a llama..
They said it was a llama..

It was just such a great day, even though today I’m still absolutely knackered. Most of all, though, going to the show made me realise how proud I am to be from Yorkshire and it made me never want to leave. Which I’ll most likely have to if I want to be in film and TV, haha. I hope you enjoyed reading about this and are thinking about going to the Show this time next year, even if you don’t live in England or the UK. A downside, I’m afraid of the show, is that everything is quite expensive here, but it’s such a great experience that you really don’t care. 🙂

And here is a pretty…falcon? Yes.
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So much to say, so little time…

Well ladies and gentleman, yesterday night I returned home from my second country, Germany. I wonder if you recall my previous post about me flying over there by myself and to be perfectly frank, I was absolutely bricking it. It only really hit me on the way to the airport and I suddenly thought ‘Oh my God, this is actually happening’. Which was a massive slap in the face to realise that I’d be getting on a plane by myself. A PLANE.

But anyway, all fear and nerves aside, I made it on the plane and then to Germany, all on my lonesome. Still bricking it at this point. But, as I’m sure you’re delighted to hear, everything went perfectly smoothly from the Thursday night to Wednesday night just gone. I have had one of the best weeks ever, I loved it so much and, you know what? My German skills have gone through the roof – it’s a pity that I couldn’t have taken my exam now just after going to Germany. But no matter.

Speaking of which, lords and ladies! As many of you know, earlier today on 18.08.11 it was results day for all A Level students! And, you’ll be please to know, that I have finally risen above the shocking behaviour previously demonstrated within my German grade of a D and I’m now on a beautiful C for the A2 level. I will admit to you now; however, I’m sure you’re aware: that a B or even an A would have topped off this year, but I’m not all that bothered because I have achieved what I wanted – I managed to scrape myself from the floor of the D up into another grade and, perhaps more importantly, this morning I received my confirmation letter from York St John University saying that I have a place on my Film and TV Production course 😀 Erstaunlich!

So it would seem that I’ve settled in to German life quite nicely, and I’m hoping to go back some time next year; I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t breathe that Deutsch air every now and then. How sad. It’s a shame that some people, particularly some English people, I’m afraid to say, don’t care for Germany, because it seems that there’s a certain stereotype that is held over the German people. Well. I’ll have my chance to change the world at some point. As Morgan Freeman would say, “One act of random kindness at a time” (Evan Almighty, 2007).

But enough of my prattling for now, all you need to know is that I love my grades today! For those of you who don’t know: Media Studies – B, English Language – A, History – A and German – C. So, I suppose we’ll just see what happens with university in September…I just have to enrol now, fun fun fun!! 🙂

Well done to everyone who got their results today and all the best for your futures,

Brittany 🙂

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Exciting Times

So tomorrow I go to Germany! Again! For the fourth time this year, for the fourth time in my life. Unbelievably, at the beginning of year 13 at Brigshaw, I was annoyed that I’d never actually been to Germany despite my love for the language and, yes, I’m saying this, dedication to the subject. However, there is a downside: I’m going by myself. Now, I hate flying, even with people, but by myself?! Can I really do this? Suuurreee…it’s easy enough. And don’t get me wrong, once I get there it’ll be great, it’s just the travelling to and from that I’ll hate. Although I guess it’s the same with anything; I dread bus rides to and from places that I’m going, I think it’s just the whole concept of transport that I’m not all that keen on.

But, regardless, I’m going to get over it and get myself over there whether I like it or not. This is to see my friend from the Comenius Project that I’ve mentioned so many times before. See, now the sole of my foot is itching, which means that I must be going somewhere new. So I’ve been to Cologne before, but she must be taking me some place that I’ve not been to this week, which excites me now!

Anyway, I’d better get going so that I can get some sleep,


Brittany 🙂