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Specific Time Travelling


So I had a dream – this is how all good blog posts start don’tcha know – I had a dream that I’d travelled back in time by two and a half years. Pretty precise, right? I found myself at the start of first year again, waking up on my plastic mattress at Limes Court, my old uni halls. Wut. I had all the memories of what’s gone on for the past two and a bit years and here I was again living my first year life. At first I was like ‘Mate, this is so cool, I can do everything again and make the right decisions this time AND I get a longer uni experience!’. But then I realised that maybe this wasn’t such a great thing…I have worked so hard over the past couple of years in terms of assignments, films and relationships and I clicked that all that had basically been undone. Not to mention that I am no longer on speaking terms with my first year housemates and I would have to associate with them again. I wouldn’t have the friends that I have now and I would have to wait until they got to know me again. At this point, I’d never even met my boyfriend and I could just imagine finding him and scarring him for life by telling him I was his future S.O. I just wanted to get back to third year because I didn’t want to slog through all that effort and fallouts and arguments again, it’s too much for one person! I realised I’ve had a pretty rough ride at uni but it has improved significantly in the past year and I would hate to lose it by travelling through time. Like that’s a legitimate thing to worry about, come on, I dreamt it at least.

I’ve just decided that even though there were super low moments in first year and a bit in second year, I wouldn’t change a thing. What has happened over the past couple of years has got me to where I am today and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. There are a couple of things that I would change, like I miss my Grandad beyond belief and I don’t think I will ever comprehend losing him. And I would also start my assignments a little earlier than I seem to have the habit of doing. But the past isn’t to be changed. What’s done is done, am I right? And for the minute, I’m just looking forward to an exciting future because I am now no longer clueless about what I want to do with my life. Bring it on, future, I’m ready for ya 😉

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BTTF: Back to the Future: Live!

I found this YouTube video of some people performing the first Back to the Future movie all in a neat 10 minutes. Watch it and enjoy it! I think it’s hilarious 😀 Just a word of warning though, there is some explicit language throughout. 🙂

More Back to the Future stuff can be found at my specially made BTTF page:

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