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TBT: Iceland 2015

All I’m going to say is: TAKE ME BACK.

Let’s look at a pretty slideshow of some of our pictures because I’m feeling slightly nostalgic all the way back to November 2015 (and I discovered that you can make slideshows just this morning and I want to use it).

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Heck yes.

Reykjavik 2015

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That Friday Feeling

I woke up this morning bright eyed (okay, maybe not) and bushy tailed (nope) ready to take on the day (more or less). I FrozenAnnaNotMorningPerson-619-386arrived at school, pulled on my cosy Christmas jumper with flashing lights no less and joined in with the festivities in lessons. Quizzes, films, games, chocolate, the perfect end to a long, long term.

But wait. It’s not the end. There is one more day to go… One more early night and early morning. One more day of hardly seeing daylight or being outside. One more day before I can relax for Christmas.

And then I get involved in more festivities, thinking about what a nice day it is to spend with the children I’ve met since September and the teachers that I have made friends with. Such a good day to finish for the Christmas holidays.


Friday is tomorrow. Today is Thursday and that is the trouble with the Christmas holidays. Because everyone is celebrating all the time, I’m forgetting that we have one more day to go and the holiday has, in fact not begun. Today is Thursday. I’ll have to adopt it as my mantra for the day with everyone saying Merry Christmas and me saying it back, it’s confusing my lil brain.

Even so, there is technically only one day left (not even that, the kids go home at 1pm) and then it’s onto the party bus that evening for the staff do. I think Christmas will properly begin for me on Saturday morning when I know I have two glorious weeks ahead of me to chill out and just breathe. Like I’ve said before, this is one of the perks of working in education, no matter how much I moan and whinge. Other jobs just do not get holidays like this, it’s a fact. And I am going to be extremely grateful for spending quality time with the family and bf over the next fortnight. Aww.