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Project Venture, a Kickstarter Expedition!



This is the link to our kickstarter page for our film project about two sisters battling the odds to survive! No it isn’t The Hunger Games! No it isn’t How I Live Now! YES IT WILL BE ACE!

So please, please, please I am asking you – no – I’m begging you, out of the kindness of your hearts can you spare a few bob for us? Anything that you can afford, we will appreciate it so terribly much. You’re all fantastic WordPress friends and you’re all ace bloggers. It’s not just throwing money at us, you do get something back, it’s all detailed in the campaign.

Just remember, I love you.


And forever.

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Review: Zombieland

I wouldn’t say that I watched this willingly. It was more like, “Brittany, sit down, eat your fish and chips and watch this.” I was also told: “Don’t worry, it’s not scary,” because if I haven’t already made clear, which I doubt I have, I can’t handle zombie films. It’s my worst nightmare; I can’t even hack Shaun of the Dead. So when I was told that I was watching Zombieland, it’s safe to say that I was pretty nervous.

But it is a really good film. Aside from the zombies and all the blood and guts that spew all over the camera, it’s hilarious. Essentially, it’s about the last people on Earth after a virus has claimed the rest of humanity and turned them into flesh eating cannibals. Ugh it still gives me the shivers. And you know the worst part about it? The zombies don’t just groan and stumble after them, drooling for brain food – haha – oh no. They can run. As fast as humans. So even though it’s the dead-but-not-dead walk that always freaks me out more than anything, I find this scarier because this way there’s no chance of getting away from them. Ugh.

I love all the characters in this film: you have the reclusive nerd who’s somehow managed to not get eaten, the hardcore ‘let’s kill everything’ guy whose only goal in life seems to be to get his hands on a Twinky.., then there’s Emma Stone.. girl crush right there, it’s gotta be said…who’s the hot fighter chick and the nerd’s love interest and finally there’s Emma Stone… ‘s little sister who helps her with all the scams that they partake in to survive and get cars and guns and things like that. The only thing I would say about the characters is that when they first sort of meet, they end up being enemies because the girls take the guys’ car and weapons on two occasions and they’re constantly threatening each other with guns, but all of a sudden they become best friends because the nerd guy comes out with some kind of short speech that changes all their minds about each other. I don’t know, it just didn’t sit right with me.

One of the best things about the film is Bill Murray as Bill Murray in Bill Murray’s mansion. It’s a brilliant chapter in the film, I love it especially when something happens to Bill Murray because he’s dressed as a zombie and tries to scare the nerd guy. I don’t want to spoil it, but I’m sure you’re clever enough to work it out.

But anyway, towards the end of the film is also pretty awesome, the girls reach the theme park that they’ve been destined for and by lighting it all up and turning all the music on, they attract zombies from all over. It’s pretty creepy actually, seeing a fairground that’s deserted with just two people playing in it. It gets worse when the zombies show up.. I watched a lot of it through my fingers. Especially when the clown zombie popped up. Worst possible thing that could’ve happened. It’s like both my nightmares shoved into one.

It’s a pretty good film if you’re not too bothered by gore and blood and zombies. I doubt I’d watch it again because the idea of zombies that can run disturbs me too much. And the whole film made it quite clear to me, that I’d be one of the first to go in a zombie apocalypse, which gives me a lot of hope and comfort for if/when it happens….monstrosity. Ughhhhh. I didn’t like that bit.. but for someone who isn’t a wuss like me, it’s a great scene.