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Sunday Blues

Sunday is not my favourite day. Sure, it’s a great day to stay in bed until 11am – rebel – and to keep sad_elsa_by_televue-d7n3th1the PJs on all day but it’s also the time when I start mentally preparing myself for the week ahead. For a lot of teachers, Sunday is the day to complete the car boot-full of marking that they had lugged home so within education, it’s not particularly a day of rest at all.

Yesterday, my day consisted of going into town to buy Millie’s cookies and then sitting in the living room watching Frozen together. What a fab film. Don’t you think? And that was it. In the evening I got the train home to save myself an hour in bed Monday morning – see?? Planning ahead! That’s all Sunday is for, it’s a useless time of the week. Makes me kinda miserable as well because I know the weekend is over and it’s back to the grind in less than 24 hours…It’s such a pessimistic view to have, I’m so sorry, I’ll just like leave now…Probz go watch Frozen again tonight.