The sun comes pouring through the window after endless months of hibernation, the wood of the window frame creaking under the warmth. The glass heats up and becomes a sheet of transparent energy as the light glares through, bathing the room in a sumptuous glow of gold. Daffodils, yesterday just green papery buds, today blooming folds of yellow and orange. Gracefully, they dance open and smile at the sunshine, grateful for the heat and the power of the golden ball consuming the sky. Resting amid a tropical blue sky, it cleanses the soul of the emerald earth with its heavenly radiance, bright and shimmering, bringing life along with it. The daffodils sigh as they bathe in the glory of the sun, stretching out to its streaming rays, relishing in the long lost light.

Decorative vases of daffodils

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Summer has arrived! But for how long..?

It’s no secret that it’s sunny outside. Unless you hide away in your room doing whatever  it is that you do without a window. But even then the Brits on things like Imgur and Reddit must have alerted you to the glory that is the sun.

So to celebrate the wonderful sunshine, me and my friend went to York’s Museum Gardens which is a delightful area in York, full of grass and flowers and a museum (what did you expect?) and there are some abbey ruins which are pretty awesome to sit by. We had a mini picnic and the obligatory ice cream and just enjoyed the sun. I think it’s nice sometimes to just go sit with friends outside, and not necessarily do anything, but just…for want of a better word…bask in the sunshine. It’s nice to just listen to what’s going on around you, like you can hear birds and you can kind of hear the river from the gardens. Not to mention all the families running around – I did wonder if they should have been at school on that fine day, but that’s not my problem.

So anyway, I think it’s probably a great idea for you to get outside in the sun, rather than sitting indoors. Do anything, go anywhere, just do it with anyone you love, because it’s surprising how fast time goes without you noticing.