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Children are sunrises…allow me to explain.

I get up early, there’s no two ways about it, 6am is early. It’s dark when I leave the house – I am literally up before the sun itself and often it’s raining and miserably cold. And this is all whilst I’m on my way to work when it would be much more preferable to stay in bed (wouldn’t we all just love that). So here I am, walking along to get my lift to the school when I notice something. I have some epic music in my ears (probably Taylor Swift, but she’s epic to me) so I haven’t really been paying attention to my surroundings, other than when I need to cross the road of course, but all of a sudden there is light in the atmosphere. And I can see the sun coming up into the sky in the most beautiful way I can imagine. I never used to see this, what with the earliest lecture being 9am which meant getting up at 8, but since I’ve been working at school I have had the pleasure of seeing the gorgeous golden light that tints the sky on a morning. It’s not always golden though, (but that’s my favourite) it can be pink, orange and even a lilac colour if the weather is right. And it’s just glorious; it makes the 6am start all worth it.

School is hard, there’s no two ways about it, the work is hard. It’s tiring when I enter the building or a classroom and I am confronted by a flurry of different alterations, requests or information that may or may not be relevant. All this is whilst I’m trying to do the actual job that I have when it would be much more preferable to sit with a coffee and reflect for half a second (wouldn’t we all just love that). So here I am, working with children, adults and sixth formers, all of whom I am able to help in some way (or so I hope I am!) and my brain is hurting. But then, out of the blue, whoever I am working with clicks, they get it, they understand what they are doing and have learned something. Or, I laugh at a joke with a sixth form student and we continue to improve our relationship together. I never used to see this, when I was at school – I would arrive at 8.30, do my lessons, be good with the teachers and go home at 3 o’ clock. What a life, but now I am here, I get to see all the wonderful things that happen with various kids that I had no idea would go on before. I am no longer in my own tiny little bubble where it was just me. I am a part of this school community and I am making a difference. It makes all the hard work, the headaches and the stress pretty much worth it.

And that is why children are like sunrises. They surprise you when you’ve been in the darkness for so long and they come up shining.



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And Breathe…

Two days ago we wrapped on our third year film after three weeks of solid filming and stress. Good lord, has it been stressful. Working on a film is one of the oddest things. Because you work together so closely and the few people that you work with suddenly become the only people that you talk to in and outside of filming. You start hating on each other, then you love each other, then you hate each other, then finally, after all that, after all the shots and takes and cock-ups with batteries dying in the cold OMG, everyone goes pretty much back to normal and everything’s fine again. It’s then down to the post-production people who are trapped in tiny window-less rooms to scratch each others’ eyes out. Joyous!

Moving on to other joyous things, Christmas is just around the corner! No, I haven’t done all of my Christmas shopping, don’t be silly, you fool, but I am bloody excited. I can’t quite handle it. Especially as there are two carefully wrapped presents from Sam sitting on my desk staring at me, begging to be opened…No. I couldn’t. Just a peek. NO!

I’ve been blasting out the Christmas tunes and rocking my Christmas jumper which has flashing lights on it no less. Oh God, I can’t wait. I’m also super excited for the Christmas dinner. Mmmm.

Tomorrow I’m leaving York and going home, where I’m going to veg out after these few hectic weeks and decorate the tree in between eating all the chocolate that finds its way into my hands. Don’t judge me for being a piggy, I love it. I should probably actually eat something now…it’s been a while, so, so long! If I don’t post any time soon have a fabulous Christmas and I shall see you again soon! Have a happy new year as well, can’t be forgetting that. Next time I post, it’ll be something worthwhile, I promise!

Brittany x