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And Breathe…

Two days ago we wrapped on our third year film after three weeks of solid filming and stress. Good lord, has it been stressful. Working on a film is one of the oddest things. Because you work together so closely and the few people that you work with suddenly become the only people that you talk to in and outside of filming. You start hating on each other, then you love each other, then you hate each other, then finally, after all that, after all the shots and takes and cock-ups with batteries dying in the cold OMG, everyone goes pretty much back to normal and everything’s fine again. It’s then down to the post-production people who are trapped in tiny window-less rooms to scratch each others’ eyes out. Joyous!

Moving on to other joyous things, Christmas is just around the corner! No, I haven’t done all of my Christmas shopping, don’t be silly, you fool, but I am bloody excited. I can’t quite handle it. Especially as there are two carefully wrapped presents from Sam sitting on my desk staring at me, begging to be opened…No. I couldn’t. Just a peek. NO!

I’ve been blasting out the Christmas tunes and rocking my Christmas jumper which has flashing lights on it no less. Oh God, I can’t wait. I’m also super excited for the Christmas dinner. Mmmm.

Tomorrow I’m leaving York and going home, where I’m going to veg out after these few hectic weeks and decorate the tree in between eating all the chocolate that finds its way into my hands. Don’t judge me for being a piggy, I love it. I should probably actually eat something now…it’s been a while, so, so long! If I don’t post any time soon have a fabulous Christmas and I shall see you again soon! Have a happy new year as well, can’t be forgetting that. Next time I post, it’ll be something worthwhile, I promise!

Brittany x

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The Perks of Being a Sound Designer

Hi! I’m just plugging my own second WordPress blog here, no biggie. It’s for the purposes of my Film and TV course at uni and is supposed to be a more ‘professional’ way of talking about our current project. The professionalism isn’t really working out, but I’m trying. Take a look at it if you wish, it’s mainly for my own benefit when proving that I’ve actually been doing work but you might find it interesting all the same.

Much love.

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I know you’re probably a bit fed up of the whole Kickstarter thing by now, but I thought you’d all appreciate the knowledge that we’ve achieved our target within three days! Yay! Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t to say that you still can’t donate your hard earned dosh, we’d still greatly appreciate more money to play with and it would just mean a better film! It’s not like you’ll get nothing for it, you’ll get at least a copy of the script and or/a dvd of the actual film, which is what it’s all about, am I right?

In other news, I’ve recently become a student ambassador at YSJ which is a pretty big deal for me. It basically means I am a semi-working girl! Huzzah! my first shift is tomorrow for the uni’s open day and if I’m honest, I’m bricking it.

At the moment, I’m just sitting here with my production crew plus Sam (a lame face who doesn’t read this blog and therefore can’t get offended 😉 ) and we’re having very vague discussions about the film. I think I’ll have to go to bed in a few hours to get enough sleep for tomorrow…yeah.