Pink Carnations

Not a single call, note or text
Just a missing set of keys
Gone at a quarter past 12
When you thought I wouldn’t see

It became a frequent occurrence
For you to disappear,
Vanish without a goodbye
Into the cold night air

Where would you go,
To the shop, or the pub? And then
I realised you were cheating, darling
You just couldn’t cover it up

Around 5 you’d come back
Believing I was asleep
Slinking under the covers
Before the alarm started to beep

It was driving me insane
The daily distance in your eyes
Love gone, and purely absent
Replaced with tired, empty sighs

You thought you were clever
But I found out her name
If only you were smarter
Honey, you’re not, what a shame

Now the wondering is gone
And I can sleep without pretending
I feel relief now, my love
The constant stress finally ending

It’s much better now that
I always know your location
Since I buried you next to her
Right underneath our pink carnations

From: Creative Writing

Life Experience, Writing

Only Me: Part 1

To think you were my life for more than two years and now you are not…

But I don’t feel…

I cried when you left and I did not stop for 48 hours

And then I realised
That I am strong.

I don’t need someone like you to justify me
I don’t need you.

I will miss you, your humour, your face, your warmth.

But I will not cry for you again.

Because I am strong.
And I don’t need you.


Life Experience, World

Put Up & Shut Up

She’s got it all. She’s got everything that I want and, truth is, I’m jealous. I want the innocence, the lack of knowing what’s coming, the naivety that surrounds her. The thought that every time she takes a step forward, she’s doing it with confidence and the ability to grasp the world with both her hands.

And then there’s the other one. The one who’s already achieved everything that she wants in life; she’s experienced it, she’s where she wants to be. She’s been through the dark and come out into the glorious sunshine, basking in its warmth, content and pleased with herself.

Yet here I am, trapped within the days of 2012, the hours, the minutes, the very seconds that keep me here, struggling on, still going through tribulations that I know I will have to solve. Nothing is easy, nothing is simple. Admittedly, I’m jealous of her in the past and I envy her in the future. The innocence and the success.

But there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.