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It’s the Little Things

The York Races are on today, which essentially translates to hell on earth for York residents, especially if you live near the train station like I do. On these days you can’t get into the station or through it without a ticket so I’m forced to wave my friend off from the gates. Touching. After fighting my way back home I find a letter that says even though I wrote a letter as I was told, I’m not actually allowed to opt out of a pension scheme without filling out another form online. And speaking of forms, after pain-stakingly filling out a CRB check form for one of my new jobs, I am told that it is wrong even though I’ve followed the instructions on the paper. Apparently the company has their own rules so back I go to redo the whole thing. Oh goody!

All I want is to go to the station, not pay into my pension right this second and start my new jobs but the world would suggest otherwise. Argh! To say I’m frustrated is probably an understatement.

It is, in fact, the little things that are the most frustrating elements of life, and sort of reminds me of a film I helped make in second year of university, called Little Things about a man who is annoyed by the slightest thing.

Stress! Hope your day is going well, better than mine in fact.