About Me

Be sure to check on my About Me page every now and then, as I frequently update the pictures! At the moment there’s about 13 on there and I try to make them as recent as possible because it’s amazing how much you can change in just a few months. For example, now I have decided to scrap contact lenses and wear glasses for the time being because I fell in love with my new specs (and I’m sick of having a bland face with invisible eyebrows).

You also get to spy pictures of my friends, but unfortunately they don’t all have blogs for you to stalk apart from Lisa, which you can find here (although its last update was 2012 – come on Lisa!)



Entertainment, Film, Review


Just to remind you that I write wonderfully coherent and complex reviews (ha) here is the link to my reviews page which is all snazzy and pwetty. I updated at least two recently, so check them out, I’m very particular with the films I watch and if I get bored, well…that’s it.