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English Flurries

A mad flurry of snow smacked the cold window as though it wanted to burst through to the warmth of the classroom, followed by the obligatory mad flurry of children dashing to look outside. “Omg it’s snowing!!” “Everybody look, it’s snowing!!” “Omg will we have a snow day??” “I’m gonna go sledging!!”

Let me just stop you right there, dears. 1) This is England. Yup, it’s pretty chilly 90% of the year, but the snow is never that treacherous. 2) If it really got that bad, do you really think we’d let you outside? 3) It’s only weather, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen snow before, sit down.

I don’t get it. I don’t remember being that painfully obsessed with snow that I would jump out of my seat and press my nose against the window, steaming it up with my teenage breath. I used to like it, sure, it looks pretty, I guess and it was pretty fun to play in. But I’m 22 now, places to be, people to see, no time for fun and games of the outdoors variety. It’s a pain. The whole of England, even though we hardly get any, decides to come to a painful standstill when the shite* stuff falls and no one can continue with normal life. Public transport, roads, paths, any means of travel are history and it’s highly, ridiculously unnecessary.

Anyhow. Kids, ya need to calm down when the flurries come, it’s not that big of a deal. Seriously. God I hope it’s gone by tomorrow…

* typo that should have been white, but I decided to keep it because as I typed it I snorted and the other people in the room gave me sideways glance…


Life Experience

Oh, I See You There!

Hi. My name is Brittany and I am possibly one of the worst bloggers out there. I enjoy writing, I do, I just forget that this is here. And it makes zero sense lately seeing as I am recently unemployed and therefore have nothing to do in life and ergo seem consistently bored every hour of every day. Sam’s all like, you need to find a hobby, something interesting to do instead of playing the Sims all day, but LET’S BE HONEST HERE, FRIEND, the Sims is one damn beautiful game to play. Anyway, other suggestions have been to watch Netflix all day. And that is how I wasted 32 hours of my life. Or rather, I would have done if I’d actually taken up the activity. Instead, I’ve enjoyed watching SupernaturalEducating Essex and other spritely films and odd episodes of random TV shows.

Okay. As per, my post is drifting into something where the reader would be considering their life choices and be doubting the name they’ve given to their child (hopefully not) OH MY GOD what is wrong with me. I’ll try to get somewhere with this blog, I changed it all up, added new pictures and made it all pretty and then just neglected it like the ridiculous human that I seem to have turned into.

I’ll keep updating you on my boredom antics. For now, I’m going crazy because the washing machine is making the loudest noise known to man. Dear God.