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Happy Anniversary to me and WordPress <3

How cute is it that 6 years ago today I signed up for my first ever WordPress blog. What makes it sweeter is that I’ve just registered a whole new blog to track my progress in my internship. It’s set to be a collation of various marketing tips and tricks that I find as I go along and I’ll be talking about all of the things that I learn as I race along.

It’s still a baby blog right now and I’m just playing around with it but hey! – here’s to the next 6 years 🙂


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Just to remind you that I write wonderfully coherent and complex reviews (ha) here is the link to my reviews page which is all snazzy and pwetty. I updated at least two recently, so check them out, I’m very particular with the films I watch and if I get bored, well…that’s it.