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It’s a while since you heard from me.

Things have changed. In fact, a lot has changed. I’ve changed.

For the better.

Last year was my favourite so far. It involved a tonne of holidays, fantastic friends, romance, personal achievements and more…

This year is off to a good start.

I’m writing more, doing more, seeing more, saying more, trying more, and caring less.

Caring less about what other people think, caring less about beauty standards, caring less about what’s expected of me as a graduate.

I’m flying.

And I’ll continue to fly through 2018, with myself and those close to me as my focus.

I want to blog more, but fiction writing is where my heart lies, so that’s what I’m doing. But I’m still here, don’t worry about me.

My blog is still live and I’m still taking care of it.

I’m happy.

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10, 12 or a 14?

I haven’t got a New Year’s Resolution as such; and I find it hard to come up with a specific goal because I have never, ever stuck to them. I’ve always become bored with sticking to the new rules, or circumstances have changed that have made the resolutions irrelevant or pointless.

But for 2016, I have decided to make a couple of changes to my lifestyle, with the idea of getting a little bit healthier and fitter! At the moment I’m an asthmatic, jelly-fied 23 year old between a UK size 10, 12 and 14, who can’t walk down the street without getting a sweat on. I’ve always been conscious of my body (as far too many women are) but after the food I’ve consumed over Christmas, it has really hit me how unhealthy I actually am.

The plan is to start small, and it helps me that Sam is also on board; so last night we went to Morrison’s and got a load of vegetables and some fish,

Lots of mash (I couldn’t eat it all)

chicken and mince. For dinner yesterday we enjoyed salmon in parsley sauce, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Tonight, we’re going to make a puff pastry tart bejewelled with colourful vegetables and tomato puree (there will perhaps be a photo of that later as well). And for my lunch today at work, I’ve got carrots and houmous.

I don’t have a goal weight, and I don’t really understand calories or how to work out effectively, but I just want to be able to walk into a clothes shop and be 100% sure that a size 10 top will fit me. I want to be able to run up the stairs and not be out of breath – as far as asthma will allow. And I want to not be so bloody reliant on Galaxy chocolate on an evening!

I think what is important, is that I don’t focus on a specific goal, and I don’t force myself to be super healthy all at once, because my psychology will kick in and I will dig my heels in. I’m not going to give myself a time limit and I’m not calling it a New Year’s Resolution to get fitter; I’ve just taken the beginning of 2016 as a marker to alter my lifestyle and maybe see some confidence benefits.

So as I sit here, drinking cranberry green tea instead of Yorkshire tea, wishing to some extent that I didn’t really sit down all day, I’m looking forward to 2016 and I’m going to try really REALLY hard not to scoff all of that chocolate I got for Christmas in one sitting…

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Happy 2nd of January!

My bad, I missed New Years Eve and the first day of 2015, but whatever, I’ve had things to do and people to see as we all have! It’s been a sweet turning of the year; I’ve spent it with my friends and boyfriend, staying in instead of going out on the town and getting sweaty and annoyed. Staying in was bliss, actually. Similar to last year when I went to a house party, but this was something different. There were four of us in the house, playing games, eating Waitrose party food and drinking Bucks Fizz and cider. It was actually a really nice way to finish of 2014. Going out on NYE just isn’t my scene. Neither is on a Saturday night either but that’s another story…

So here we are. Two thousand and fifteen years. Woah, quite a hefty number right? And in my opinion, the most futuristic sounding of the years. 2014, to me, sounded normal, just comes after 2013, right? But 2015…I don’t know. There’s something about it that sounds very far in the future… Now maybe that’s because I am very partial to the Back to the Future franchise and the year in the future which they visit is 2015 (*squee!*) and it’s all in the future with flying cars and such. Well, we don’t have those or hover boards but technology has developed like I don’t know what. I’m writing this on an iPad, imagine showing that to someone in 1985? They’d probz try to write on it with a pen or something. Noo, I joke. I think that’s what scariest to me about 2015, it sounds like the future but it’s not…omg it’s now, it’s right now. This is my 23rd year on this earth and I feel like I should have achieved a little more than this. So, scarily, this is going to be my pivotal year. I’m going to change my life this year, I’m going to decide what I want from my future and I’m going to bloody go get it.

Oh and I’ll also learn how to drive, which is pretty life changing I would say.


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Stick to your guns…but keep an open mind

I have Spotify, only got it recently but it really has developed my love for music. Before, never bothered. I only really like Owl City and Taylor Swift, maybe a bit of Take That, pretty random, right? But since getting Spotify I have discovered a world of music, covers and different variations. I have found music that I had no idea existed and just today I was sitting on the train listening to various songs that I don’t know but love.

I had always stuck by that, ‘oh I’m not really into music so don’t ask me about my music taste, you wouldn’t understand’. But the truth is now that I’ll listen to virtually anything that isn’t scary sounding or too dubsteppy (yep, that’s the official word, so I hear).

But the one thing that Spotify hasn’t done is take me away from my roots of Taylor Swift. A lot of people scoff at her music and her style, but there was always something in her songs that spoke to me when I was a weeny teen (original, I know, ‘omg it’s like she can read my mind!’). But I really like her. Especially her new album. And I think that’s important. Even though I’ve always stuck by what I like to listen to, no matter what people say about it, I have opened my mind to things that I didn’t think I would enjoy listening to, but do. I’m trying to be like that, I think it’s my New Years resolution, to be more open minded about things. I’ll think on that and update you later what I’m planning to change in my life.. Hm.


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And Breathe…

Two days ago we wrapped on our third year film after three weeks of solid filming and stress. Good lord, has it been stressful. Working on a film is one of the oddest things. Because you work together so closely and the few people that you work with suddenly become the only people that you talk to in and outside of filming. You start hating on each other, then you love each other, then you hate each other, then finally, after all that, after all the shots and takes and cock-ups with batteries dying in the cold OMG, everyone goes pretty much back to normal and everything’s fine again. It’s then down to the post-production people who are trapped in tiny window-less rooms to scratch each others’ eyes out. Joyous!

Moving on to other joyous things, Christmas is just around the corner! No, I haven’t done all of my Christmas shopping, don’t be silly, you fool, but I am bloody excited. I can’t quite handle it. Especially as there are two carefully wrapped presents from Sam sitting on my desk staring at me, begging to be opened…No. I couldn’t. Just a peek. NO!

I’ve been blasting out the Christmas tunes and rocking my Christmas jumper which has flashing lights on it no less. Oh God, I can’t wait. I’m also super excited for the Christmas dinner. Mmmm.

Tomorrow I’m leaving York and going home, where I’m going to veg out after these few hectic weeks and decorate the tree in between eating all the chocolate that finds its way into my hands. Don’t judge me for being a piggy, I love it. I should probably actually eat something now…it’s been a while, so, so long! If I don’t post any time soon have a fabulous Christmas and I shall see you again soon! Have a happy new year as well, can’t be forgetting that. Next time I post, it’ll be something worthwhile, I promise!

Brittany x



I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution. It’s not that I don’t want one – well it is – it’s that I can’t think of one. I can’t think of one defining way of changing myself starting from the 1st of January. It’s too hard, too much effort. And I don’t have faith in myself to carry it out anyway. Oh the sadness. If I think of one I’ll let you know, but at the moment I’m quite content with how things are. Oh except for housing and money arrangements. Irrelevant. This year, I have just decided, will be significantly better than last year. Huzzah!

Happy New Year all the same 😉