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Review: Closer

I adore this film. Even though it’s got a pretty slow story, it’s just full of action at the same time. If that makes any sense…No? Okay, here’s a breakdown (don’t worry there’ll be no spoilers, there’s only one twist and that’s at the end):

Dan (Jude Law) and Alice (Natalie Portman) fall in love.

Dan cheats on Alice with Anna (Julia Roberts).

Anna meets Larry (Clive Owen) through Dan because Dan pretends to be Anna on a sex website.

Anna and Larry fall in love and get married.

Anna and Dan continue seeing each other for a year.

Dan splits up with Alice and Anna splits up with Larry.

Larry and Alice meet in a strip club when she becomes a stripper and have sex.

Anna gets back with Larry.

Dan gets back with Alice.

Alice falls out of love with Dan goes back to America.

Got it? It’s pretty complicated to understand, but you find yourself getting it as you watch the film; it’s nothing complicated like Inception, it’s pretty easy to follow. But, yeah, I remember first watching this film in one of my media lessons because, let’s be honest, my media teacher was very into films with lots of sex appeal. Be warned: this film should probably be rated an 18 instead of a 15 for it’s vulgarity and language. But there’s never any sexual graphic scenes in it. Other than in the strip club where Natalie Portman might as well be naked, but you never actually catch a glimpse of them being intimate together, other than when they kiss.

I love the characters in this: all of them. Except maybe Anna, but she’s confused by who to love, so you sort of accept why she keeps cheating on Dan and Larry. Even though they all cheat on each other, you never hate any of them, probably because we’re distant from them and they’re not like our friends or anything. It’s just great to see how they solve their problems that they’ve all set up for themselves and how they deal with the heartbreak that they all inflict on each other. What’s amusing about this is that it’s all their own fault and you just think throughout it: Oh, how stupid have you been? 

It does get quite intense, but not in a way that makes you want to kill yourself afterwards, it’s just not a comedy is all. But it is witty and sharp. The scripting is amazing. It’s just so clean cut and it works perfectly. What I mean by that is that it just flows. And then the one twist at the end, when you see Dan’s face, it’s just funny. But not in a comedy way. Obviously I’m doing a grand job at being specific about what I think about this film, but I suppose that’s the point: it’s just vague. But in a good way! You’ll literally have to watch it to know what I mean, but it truly is an awesome film. Watch it!