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BTTF: Back to the Future: Live!

I found this YouTube video of some people performing the first Back to the Future movie all in a neat 10 minutes. Watch it and enjoy it! I think it’s hilarious 😀 Just a word of warning though, there is some explicit language throughout. 🙂

More Back to the Future stuff can be found at my specially made BTTF page: https://briholme.wordpress.com/films/back-to-the-future/bttf-news/

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University Life Thus Far…

Prepare yourselves for a lengthy, yet clearly interesting, ramble. As you know, I’ve recently started university and it’s safe to say that on the very first day here, I was absolutely bricking it. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so scared of anything in my whole life, regardless of the many trips to different countries, particularly the one on my own. This experience, I knew, was going to change my life incompletely and irreversibly. However, before I continue about how terrifying the whole experience was on that first day, I’ll enlighten you to the fact that I’m now completely and utterly settled in, I couldn’t be having a better time to be honest – well maybe if we were able to party every night and day without the problem of becoming overtired or needing to feed ourselves, but that’s irrelevant.

Anyhow, the first day did not, I will admit, go smoothly. I think I was shaking the whole time and I just felt like I wanted to throw up. That is until I actually arrived at the house and started unpacking stuff. Okay, that’s a lie, I was still scared, but I felt much better after I’d met people that I’d actually been speaking to online who I was waiting to come live with. I’d met all of them on Facebook bar one, but he’s lovely anyway, so I was pretty relieved to be honest. You must know that I love my house-mates, as you’ve probably established from the wondrous video of drunken antics posted earlier this week. Not that we’re getting too drunk. Oh come on, what am I saying? Of course, we’re Freshers and it’s Freshers’ Week, so of course we’re getting a little bit more tipsy than we should be doing. Not to sound like a bad influence or anything, but a particular house-mate and myself are extreme lightweights, so not only is it relatively cheap for us to get drunk, it also seems to be a hilarious experience for the rest of the house, and therefore Limes Court (our accommodation name – isn’t it precious?).

So, aside from the fact that we’re been drinking plenty of pop, we’ve also been attending actual lectures and workshops, which, I am told, is the idea of going to university in the first place and, I must say, it’s all been wonderfully interesting and delightful to learn and to have to work again. No, I’m joking, in all seriousness, my course is genuinely very interesting…which is perhaps the reason that I chose it…and I’m really excited to get it under way and to start on some actual TV and film projects. In case you are unaware, which I’m positive that you’re not, my course is Film and Television Production (BA Hons) at York St John University. (It’s now that I’ve realised it might have been a good idea to kick off this post with that fascinating piece of information, but no matter.)

I’m sure some of you lovely people will have either been to university/started university or may be thinking of going there in the future and even though it’s been barely more than I week, I gotta say that this has been one of the best decisions of my life. Sure, I know I’ve had amazing experiences over the years, particularly this year with all the travelling, but this is something far, far different. It’s difficult to describe neatly how I actually feel about university so I’ll just leave you with these four words: Live for the moment.

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TwentyEleven Thus Far

I’ve got to say that so far, this year (and the last two months of 2010) have been filled with the best experiences of my life. Since November 2010, I turned 18, visited the Czech Republic with the Comenius Project, visited Berlin with school (first ever German trip despite having been speaking German for 7 years), visited Cologne with Comenius, and visited Witzenhausen and surrounding German villages with the Garforth and Leeds District Lions Clubs. I’ve made the most amazing friends through all of these trips, I’ve gained confidence that I didn’t think I could ever had and I’d say that I’ve achieved a perspective of Europe and the world that some people refuse to accept, in the sense that any kind of stereotypes,  faint or otherwise, have been completely blown out of the window.

The point I’m trying to get across is that I’ve been able to visit these places because I’ve taken up opportunities that I’ve been given, perhaps incredibly luckily. But I’m not trying to tell you what I’ve done and how it’s benefited me; I’m telling you that throughout your life you’ve just got to take all the opportunities that you can, whether you’re scared of taking them or not. I believe very strongly that you’ve got to take risks, you’ve got to put yourself out there, out of your comfort zone because that’s the best way to meet people. Through these trips, I’ve made friends for life, people who I’m planning to meet up with again in the future – I’ve been given another outlook on life because I’ve been made to realise that I don’t have to stay with the same people in the same village in the same country for the rest of my life…there are over 6 billion people out there to meet, greet and love, but without taking risks, it won’t happen.

I know that everyone’s different, but everyone will be given different opportunities to meet people, to increase their personality, be it a small thing or something huge, something life-changing.

Dream as if you’ll life forever. Live as if you’ll die today. – James Dean