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I got an update on my foot yesterday. The doctor rang me, said that they’d looked at the x-rays and that they’d found something peculiar. The two little bones that contribute to sesamoiditis which they believe is the cause of the pain are there and everything, but one is ‘irregularly shaped’. Pause. My reply was, ‘cool’. Now what?

sesamoiditis (1)

She said they’re going to book me in for a scan – great – and they’re going to look into it further. So, after being told that the tightness of my hamstrings is the reason why my foot’s all painful, it’s now because I have a funky shaped bone chilling in the bottom of my foot. Ooh goody.

I mean, yeah, that’s probz what it is to be honest and great if they’ve found the cause of it, even though they don’t understand why because I’ve never experienced a foot injury (that I’m aware of to be fair), but it’s kinda scary. I know, I know, having a sore foot isn’t the end of the world and people go to hospital for much more serious reasons, don’tcha know (I think I’ve made this point before…) but it’s actually hurting me, it’s not nice, like, at all.

On a positive note, my plan for the weekend is to go shopping and buy some mega comfy (black) trainers to wear at work instead of heavy stiff boots so I can be less of a limp and hinderance to general school life. Also gonna buy a sassy leather jacket, which will obviously help the recovery of my foot…obviously.