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The Joys of Summer

Oh here she goes, breaking into some kind of poetic song. No. Haha I’ll jump straight to it instead of trying to write something clever that subtly and metaphorically leads up to the point: I’m bored. Now that uni’s finished and everyone’s gradually going home, I’m finding that I’m bored out of my mind. Having said this, I’ve spent the past week or thereabouts with Carter, so I haven’t been that bored I suppose. It’s just now that I’m by myself and looking at the next couple of months like woooah, this doesn’t look too exciting does it? Now, you’re probably thinking: Get a job, you lazy git, and yes, I’ve been told this countless times and I will, I promise! But, I’m still deciding when to go home and this will determine whether I get a job in York, or in Castleford or even Leeds (shudder).

So, yes, just saying to any budding first years out there: uni isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re not actually there. I’ve loved it up until this point, mainly because a lot of my friends have buggered off home and I’m one of the only ones left at Limes Court, contemplating whether I should venture out to do my washing or sit inside my room all day and watch films and eat chocolate. Come to think of it, I’m very in the mood for Robin Hood: Men in Tights. One of the best by far. Enjoy 😉


P.S OMG it’s June?!

Entertainment, Film, Life Experience, University

If You Put Your Mind To It…

Well hasn’t this been an interesting week! Essentially, I’ve finished my first year of university – at about 4:30am last Friday morning to be completely precise when I handed in my final essay – and I’m sitting here thinking where the hell has the time gone?! It’s safe to say that I’ve made some amazing friends, lost some amazing friends and miss some – mainly those from home who I don’t see all that much any more. This will change over the summer, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to keeping up with everyone that I love because I don’t want them to think that I’ve forgotten them. This isn’t to say that university is all about making friends, oh no. I’ve realised this lately. University is – would you believe it – a period of three years in which to gain the knowledge and skills that you’ll need in your future career. Not for making friends. Sure, this is a perk of uni and all that, but it hit me in the face the other day that as everyone’s going home at the moment, back to their real lives in their real homes, they’ll probably forget about each other for a time and things will go relatively back to how they were before uni. And then this led me to think: well what happens after uni? We’ll all go off, searching for our different callings in life and make yet more friends. And forget about some of the ones we made here. And then, we’ll get different jobs. Life is constantly about leaving people you love behind. Sure, you’ll never completely forget them, but they won’t be present in your life forever. It’s hard to understand if you’ve been out of school for a good few years, but you don’t realise until your very last year of school that you’re most likely not going to interact with any of these people again that you’ve spent at least 5 years with. And here I am, getting all ‘down in the dumps’ (really not) about growing up, but then I think to myself that life is going to be full of opportunities and that I can do anything I want in life. Anyone can.. And this is when good ol’ Marty McFly comes into it: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”. I’m all happy now.. might have to go watch Back to the Future. That’ll top it off. You should do the same. Yes