How to be the worst blogger in the world

I am literally the worst blogger in the world sometimes.

And sometimes I am the most dedicated.

Every 6 months or so I write a post like this apologising to my tiny readership who respond with a little ‘oh’ when my name pops into their inbox occasionally.

I’ve been looking for a jump start to my career lately and after a couple of months of hard graft, it feels further than ever before.

I’m going to write an intelligent and engaging post in the next week. In between my yoga and eating Easter eggs.

Peace x

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Worker Bee

A lot of things in life result in you gritting your teeth and smiling, especially at work. It’s insanely difficult at the bottom. You worker_bee_by_neko_vi-d6h3mo8have to put up with a lot of condescension because people think that you’re still a baby and need teaching the simplest of things. Some people think that you aren’t capable of many tasks and just keep saying ‘you’ll get there’ as they sit at your desk and rewrite everything that you have done. You need authorisation to do absolutely anything and often find yourself waiting for clearance more than actually doing something.

I’m at the very bottom of the ladder. I’m grateful for the opportunities that I have and I really enjoy both of my jobs, but it’s very frustrating and often demeaning to be at the bottom. I feel like I have a lot of potential and lot of the time I can’t take it anywhere. The handbrake is still on. I know that I have to learn before I earn; I have to understand how both jobs work before I can do anything. It’s difficult and I often find myself struggling and sighing, feel like I’m never going to get anywhere if nobody lets me fly. I suppose I have to grow my wings first.

My plan is to keep going, keep smiling, be the best worker bee that I can possibly be and see what happens. I need to get off the bottom soon, before I go crazy. Hard work and lots of coffee is the way to go…

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Feeling Pants is Normal

I’ve been reasonably quiet recently and that’s not because I’m having a whale of a time being awesome and adventurous; I’m currently in the middle of working through a 6 day week.

I’ve never experienced exhaustion like this before. It’s strange because I feel like I shouldn’t be tired. The most hours that I work a day are 6 and work is only a fifteen minute walk away (unlike when I worked at school and travelled 40 minutes each way),  yet I’m really, really struggling to function and stay alert. I’ve put it down to the fact that I’m not necessarily in a job that I want. It’s hard working towards goals that you don’t want, that you never saw yourself doing. It’s always difficult after graduating from university – you’re filled with so much ambition and think that with a degree everything is going to fall into place and your ideal career is just waiting for you. It isn’t. It works out for some people, but for most, like me, it hasn’t so far. That could be why I feel so pants lately. Who knows.

What I need is to chug a Starbucks (conveniently next door) and push on. Something good better happen soon before I give up!

Peace out.

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Covering Letter Crazy

You’re not supposed to copy and paste cover letters when applying for jobs, but when you’re getting as desperate as I am, it’s kind of important to throw as many applications out there as possible. Trouble is, you then start to make mistakes. This morning, I’ve applied for seven administrative roles and I’ve succeeded in accidentally addressing people with the wrong name, saying I’m applying for one job, when it’s actually another. This does more bad than it does good, so I’m taking a break today.

I do find it difficult, and a bit of a pain, however, when you try to apply for a generic office job at minimum wage and the employer has devised such a large maze of an application process that it’s a waste of time and probably not worth it. Through a pile of questions vaguely asking about your personality, to the requirement of writing a two page covering letter, to providing references from the last three years. It’s totally off-putting. I would 100% put my all into an application, if it asked for all of these things, if the job was something that I wanted, something that would take me onto a good career, but when it’s for an office skivvy, it doesn’t come across as worth it. All they want is someone to type up letters and make coffee, why do I need to give you a thousand words explaining why I’m perfect for that role? Maybe it’s to filter out people like me, because there will be people out there who jump through all the hoops for a barely minimum wage (and more often than not, part time) job. Perhaps I’ll do that, when I get completely and utterly desperate.

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My Job Application to the World

Dear World,

I am Brittany Lee Holmes, a 22 year old Film and Television graduate from Yorkshire. I’m currently working as a sales assistant at two different places – a boutique store in the centre of York and the biggest and best railway museum in the country. This isn’t, however, what I want, understandably. My ultimate goal is to be a writer – fictional, journalistic, factual, anything, whether it’s under my own self-employment or within a company. I have a passion for the written word and feel that because it comes to me naturally, I could be successful with it.

My jobs at the moment are to earn money and gain experience in sales because marketing is an area that I have looked at. I have experience in customer service; making people happy and helping them in any way possible. I can handle cash accurately – something that seems to be becoming outdated and old fashioned now that cards and contactless payments are accessible to mostly everyone. Both of my jobs are on the front line, meeting people that are but strangers to me and dealing with some negativity. This is making me a stronger person. After being a meek teenager in high school and sixth form, working at the forefront of these businesses has made me blossom into a confident 22 year old who isn’t afraid of what people have to say to me, regarding the company that I am working for. The nature of my work means that I encounter complaints and unhappy customers, but after many experiences of this, I have developed a hard shell against it and adopted the mindset that it’s not me personally that they can be angry at. I am the face of the company for that few hours every week and nothing they can say will affect me.

My confidence is booming and after working in a high school for a year, I have perfected my poker face and a tone of voice that can send teenagers packing in an instant. I have learned how to command a room, how to grab the attention of disinterested 12 year olds and how to laugh off immature insults like they were little drops of rain. Not only has my time working in a high school given me a much needed confidence boost, it has also shown me what it’s like to work in a big, bustling environment. The job was varied and often I was expected to undertake tasks for which I’d had no training and I achieved things at that school that I never would have imagined I could achieve. I made a lot of friends at the school from all different departments – teachers, receptionists, health professionals, dinner ladies, principals and it’s really given me an insight into how everything runs and how educational establishments function. The reason I undertook this position was to get a taster of what it was like to work in a school because I’d been considering going into teaching. As it happens, I don’t want to be a teacher (yet) but I count it as a significant part of my life that gave me lots of valuable experience and skills I never knew I could have.

I’m applying to the world, appealing to anyone who should read this blog, in the hope that someone, somewhere will read my words and learn a little about my story. I’m not on the look out for someone to give me a wonderful job (as amazing as that would be) but I want this blogging community to know that yes, I’m working somewhere I wouldn’t necessarily choose and no, I’ve not yet given up hope. I’m writing everyday; I will never give up that dream. I shelved the ambition to be a film director a couple of years ago, but being a writer is something that I can really see myself doing and being successful through it.

So, world, hear me. Hear what my little voice has to say and accept me, take me, find me a place in this cut-throat business and let me be useful. Let me speak to the world and let me be who I am. I’m not a sales assistant, I’m not a teaching assistant, I am a writer, I am Brittany Lee Holmes.

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Dear Sir or Madam

I’ll get straight to the point with this one. It’s not the rejection emails that are bothering me (much, but I get it sort of), it’s the ignorance of companies when you don’t even get an acknowledgment of your application. Not even an automated robot sending you an email stating that it’s been received. So here I am, in limbo with eight or nine applications up in the air not knowing whether they’ve been processed or not.

I’ll keep it short. If I’m not suitable for the position, fair enough, totally get it, but please, I am a person who has taken the time to write to you in the hope of joining your company, it’s upsetting to be ignored. Drives me mad in fact and I’ll probably stop visiting your shop.

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How do your friends and colleagues describe you?

What skills do you have? What experience have you experienced? Describe your personality in no more than 147 words, why do you even want to work for us?


That’s all I want. I want you to look at me, look at the fact that I used to work in a Chinese take away and get cash-in-hand-less-than-minimum-wage that I used to pay for driving lessons with, and then give me a job. I’ve been applying for various jobs online and it’s getting to the point where the applications are relatively laughable. Guys – if you’ve somehow found this and I’ve sent an application to you, how have you got your mits on this and keep reading, the more followers, the better 😉 Idk. It’s just tedious to fill out a form that takes an hour and then to find out that you’ve been invited to answer the joyous multiple questions about how you would cope in particular situations. These are the worst. If the answers aren’t too obscure, there isn’t one that you’d actually pick. And the naughty thing about it is that you can’t explain your reasoning for choosing A, B or C, so you’re either wrong or you’re right, no matter how many times they claim that there’s no right answer.

I’m twenty years old, going into third year and all I want is my own money that’s not borrowed from the government. But apparently you have to be the perfect employee to be taken on by even the smallest company. I’m certainly not perfect, nobody is, but I am hard working and if you give me a job to do I’m going to damn well do it and I’ll do it well. Maybe I should add this to the bottom of my CV…

Please hire me. Just look at how adorable I am!


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The Joys of Summer

Oh here she goes, breaking into some kind of poetic song. No. Haha I’ll jump straight to it instead of trying to write something clever that subtly and metaphorically leads up to the point: I’m bored. Now that uni’s finished and everyone’s gradually going home, I’m finding that I’m bored out of my mind. Having said this, I’ve spent the past week or thereabouts with Carter, so I haven’t been that bored I suppose. It’s just now that I’m by myself and looking at the next couple of months like woooah, this doesn’t look too exciting does it? Now, you’re probably thinking: Get a job, you lazy git, and yes, I’ve been told this countless times and I will, I promise! But, I’m still deciding when to go home and this will determine whether I get a job in York, or in Castleford or even Leeds (shudder).

So, yes, just saying to any budding first years out there: uni isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re not actually there. I’ve loved it up until this point, mainly because a lot of my friends have buggered off home and I’m one of the only ones left at Limes Court, contemplating whether I should venture out to do my washing or sit inside my room all day and watch films and eat chocolate. Come to think of it, I’m very in the mood for Robin Hood: Men in Tights. One of the best by far. Enjoy 😉


P.S OMG it’s June?!