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VPLogoAs a girl who loves blogging, I keep creating new blogs with interesting themes or topics…and they never do well. Except Film and the Female I suppose but I struggle to update that because I foolishly decided that’s an essay blog for feminist posts… Go me.

But one blog that I have set up recently is for my Viking Princess endeavour. As I’ve started making cute little figurines out of polymer clay, I figured I could actually start selling them as I seem to have drummed up a lot of interest with the people around me. I’ve got a website (cheeky plug I know) but it doesn’t have a blog feature, so of course WordPress is my answer (and kind of my home).

I would greatly, greatly appreciate it if you could just have a peek at the new blog…there’s about two posts on it, but I’m working on it, trust.

Thanks so much ❤