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Well…It’s Been A While

I may have forgotten for a few weeks that I have a WordPress account with a blog that a couple of people actually read. And I hate to say that even though I’ve finally decided to have a bash at writing something, as I do tend to say anyway, it’s not going to be special or meaningful. It’s just to let WordPress know that I’m still here and alive and well.

I’ve been on holiday for the passed two weeks, in Jersey. The odd one of you may be aware that I’ve been pretty much every year since I can remember…but I do like it a lot. This year was a little different, however, and I think it’s because I’ve had my first year of uni and have tasted the independent lifestyle. It’s difficult to live in a small room with your parents and teenage sister for two weeks when you’ve lived in your own house in a different city for well over six months. But this isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it. It was just slightly different to previous holidays, not necessarily in a bad sense.

I feel I should sign off now and bid y’all a good night. I’ll speak soon, I promise 😉

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The Infamous Holiday Blues

And so, dear friends, yesterday I returned home from my fifth and final trip this year. Jersey, as I’m sure many of you are aware, is one

Portelet Bay

of the Channel Islands; the biggest to be specific, but that’s irrelevant. We’ve been going to Jersey ever since I can remember; my parents have been going since before I was born and it’s been the main family holiday destination. So, it’s kinda obvious that this tiny island holds a special place in my heart. Cheesy, I know, but relatively accurate. And that’s exactly what makes it harder and harder to leave each year. I would say that Jersey for me is more of a personal getaway than just somewhere to relax because I know it so well, almost as well as Leeds, I suppose, which is great because I find it really hard to tell where I am and things like that. Another thing that I love about going there is the actual place that we stay: Au Caprice Guest House because we know the owners really well and we all get on fantastically. I dare say that if we hadn’t discovered this hotel 10 or so years ago, we wouldn’t still be visiting the island because of the changes that are taking place, but I digress.

I mean, it’s natural that everyone gets a little down and depressed when reality smacks them in the face when they come home from a holiday, but it’s just so hard to tear myself away from the island. Particularly after such an action-packed year of trips, A Levels and generic teenage stress, so it’s been good to relax and enjoy myself for a couple of weeks without worrying about anything. What I really miss about Jersey is the atmosphere; it’s just so peaceful and quiet. One of my favourite places on the island is the Five Mile Beach at St Ouen’s because you can literally walk onto the sand by yourself and not cross paths with another person for hours.

However, now, unfortunately, I guess it’s back to the hustle bustle of everyday life. Oh I wish. You see, I’m sure you have figured that I shoot off to university on the 18th of September in York and I hate to admit that my whole life is going to change. I suppose that’s another reason why I found it even harder to leave Jersey this year; because I know I’m going to have to grow up in less than a fortnight. Well, in terms of living by myself anyway. I wonder if I’ll go back to that little island next year, or has that been my last ever family holiday? We’ll see, we’ll just have to wait…and see.

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