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Yesterday lunch time involved one of the easiest salads I have ever experienced. Lightly

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fried salmon, red & yellow peppers, and cucumber topped with a teensy bit of honey mustard dressing made a delicious and filling meal.

I couldn’t eat it all, mainly because the crunchy peppers were hurting my wisdom tooth that has decided to push through again, but there was also a lot of it.

And the salmon!

Why don’t we eat salmon 24/7? It’s so, so good and so easy to eat. It’s one of those foods that I don’t care what it goes with – pasta, salad, chips, sandwich, anything!

As we mentioned before in some feeble diet posts, this is one of the healthier meals that I enjoy.

To update you on the ‘diet’ I’ve started a yoga DVD which I try to do every day where possible for an hour and I’m pretty sure it’s working. I don’t feel slimmer yet. In fact, I just feel in pain from using muscles I didn’t know were there BUT I think I look more defined. We will see anyway. The point is, I’m enjoying it, so there’s that.

Please eat salmon and put it with whatever you want. I’ll be trawling through foodie blogs and Pinterest boards looking for more scrumptious ideas!

Peace x

Food and Drink

‘Diet’ Update

I’ll be honest.

I haven’t stuck to the ‘diet’ I gave myself. I ate some pizza last night and the night before that? Southern fried chicken.

Part of me cares, part of me doesn’t. I hear myself say ‘this isn’t good for you, spit it out!’, but I never do.

I always knew I could never go cold turkey at the start, because I’m stubborn and I would get mad (which I already have been doing – no sugar has made me cranky).

I am trying, though. I’ve swapped sandwiches for salad at lunch time and have yoghurts for breakfast rather than nothing. I’m making a push for cooking fresh where possible,  rather than being lazy and buying ready meals. I also drink green tea instead of Yorkshire tea and have swapped fizzy pop for squash with no added sugar. Go me.

The changes are small, and probably won’t make that big of a difference seeing as my job involves sitting at a desk  a l l  d a y.

Movement is key, obviously, but while I’m not actually tracking my weight because there is a spider attached to the bathroom scales right now, there’s no way of telling if I’m actually doing something right. I feel better in myself at least, if that counts (which it does, I am told).

Food and Drink

10, 12 or a 14?

I haven’t got a New Year’s Resolution as such; and I find it hard to come up with a specific goal because I have never, ever stuck to them. I’ve always become bored with sticking to the new rules, or circumstances have changed that have made the resolutions irrelevant or pointless.

But for 2016, I have decided to make a couple of changes to my lifestyle, with the idea of getting a little bit healthier and fitter! At the moment I’m an asthmatic, jelly-fied 23 year old between a UK size 10, 12 and 14, who can’t walk down the street without getting a sweat on. I’ve always been conscious of my body (as far too many women are) but after the food I’ve consumed over Christmas, it has really hit me how unhealthy I actually am.

The plan is to start small, and it helps me that Sam is also on board; so last night we went to Morrison’s and got a load of vegetables and some fish,

Lots of mash (I couldn’t eat it all)

chicken and mince. For dinner yesterday we enjoyed salmon in parsley sauce, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Tonight, we’re going to make a puff pastry tart bejewelled with colourful vegetables and tomato puree (there will perhaps be a photo of that later as well). And for my lunch today at work, I’ve got carrots and houmous.

I don’t have a goal weight, and I don’t really understand calories or how to work out effectively, but I just want to be able to walk into a clothes shop and be 100% sure that a size 10 top will fit me. I want to be able to run up the stairs and not be out of breath – as far as asthma will allow. And I want to not be so bloody reliant on Galaxy chocolate on an evening!

I think what is important, is that I don’t focus on a specific goal, and I don’t force myself to be super healthy all at once, because my psychology will kick in and I will dig my heels in. I’m not going to give myself a time limit and I’m not calling it a New Year’s Resolution to get fitter; I’ve just taken the beginning of 2016 as a marker to alter my lifestyle and maybe see some confidence benefits.

So as I sit here, drinking cranberry green tea instead of Yorkshire tea, wishing to some extent that I didn’t really sit down all day, I’m looking forward to 2016 and I’m going to try really REALLY hard not to scoff all of that chocolate I got for Christmas in one sitting…

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Peg Leg

I went to the hospital the other day. Not really done this sort of thing before, so I was nervous, obviously. It wasn’t for anything serious, I’ll divulge in a sec, but it was surreal. I’ve always been fine, more or less, save for my appointments with the optician (and at the eye hospital when I was mega small) and my appointments about asthma – which isn’t as bad as it sounds. However, recently my foot, oh my god, the pain. It’s on, it’s off, it’s kinda there but not. When it’s on, though, it’s excruciating. I’ve always known something wasn’t right, but never did anything about it. “It’ll be right.” But Sam made me call the doctor about eight months ago.


And that leads us to Wednesday, 21st January, Selby hospital. They make me nervous, as I’m sure they do with lots of people, but mainly because I’ve never really been in one before by myself (Sam was with me but this is principle).

I mean, I’m fine, but my foot and whole leg kinda isn’t. The doctor made me walk up and down the room almost a hundred times to watch how I walk (which is apparently wrong by the way, but whatever..) and then proceeded to bend my leg about in all sorts of directions. Mega pain, like. “You have ridiculously tight hamstrings for someone so mobile!” she said, hands on hips. Okay…awkward…

Now I have a reasonably painful leg and foot and exercises to do which aren’t exactly pleasant but I guess I need to fix myself…this is all to prevent a chance of surgery or steroid injections so…

*Sigh* I’m fine with it, it’s just tiring. I want it fixed now, but unfortunately that’s not possible. It’s not, like , the biggest problem in the world, I know, don’t tell me, but it affects me and my life. Especially as I walk literally everywhere. Literally…

Just gonna hop along now.


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Magic Education

Schools are a very strange place to work. Tweens and teens are abound, wondering about the world and how they are going to grow up into it which of course involves lots and lots of confused and questionable conversations about sex. They have no idea, and it’s sort of adorable but more often than not, it’s quite disturbing. Sure, they have sex education all throughout high school and, yeah that might teach them what not to do but it sure doesn’t teach them how to see it as a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. They giggle, they blush and they say as vulgar things as possible, anything that their brains can conjure up.

Today, as I was sitting with one of my sixth form students, working on some Media assignments, a group of nerds – apologies, there is literally NO other way to describe them – entered the library and started to play a card game. Throughout this card game there were plenty of comments about sex and not wanting to be in a relationship because who needs women for that kind of commitment and the one, the only, the best comment I have ever heard leave someone’s lips: I’m a wizard, now I can have sex! Well, little boy, as far as I am happy for you, I am also questioning whether the status of a wizard – and not the Harry Potter type either – guarantees one sexual activities. Cute.

Now, I’m not claiming that I had any clue about all of the sex stuff when I was at school, because I didn’t; I did all my learning throughout university to be fair, after having the foundations laid there by the school so that I knew how to be safe and happy. Some tweens, however, need to definitely tone it down because I’m probz going to turn around to look at them with my judgey teacher eyes that I am perfecting and shame my head whilst saying, “Boys, you gotta stop, misogyny is not a good look.”