Life Experience

Dyeing a Virgin

Last night, I dyed my hair for the first time ever. I was born a ginger, suffered a little through high school with taunts of ‘ginner’ and ‘carrot top’, but as I’ve grown it’s naturally faded into a more strawberry blonde than ginger.

So blonde..

I’ve grown up hearing the same (truthful) spiel time and time again, “Never dye your hair,
people pay good money for that colour!” Other natural redheads can relate, I’m sure. But over the last few months, the speed at which is has faded feels like it has doubled. As we approach summer every year, my hair gets lighter, but this year has been different. I have been living for a while now with a very pale blonde – and in some lights a straw-like yellow.

I’d been thinking about dyeing it for a few weeks and decided first I  needed to do my research. I read reviews and ratings online about various colours and brands, and decided on Nice n Easy Golden Auburn Blonde. 7360534

Last night I took the plunge. Standing in the tiny communal bathroom, staring at my freckled face in the tiny toothpaste-splashed mirror, I couldn’t do it. I had the full get up; old t-shirt, old towel, plastic gloves and applicator bottle, but I could not convince myself to squeeze. “You can do it,” I whispered. Still, the blonde girl in the mirror refused to move. What was her problem? The disgusting fluorescent light in the bathroom made her hair look like straw coloured in with a yellow highlighter; it only made sense to cover it and make it copper.

It took me a good few minutes before I took a deep breath and squeezed the bottle onto my roots. It felt cold, but it felt like progress. I already felt like a new woman. Change  = confidence = progress. (I’ve had a rough couple of days)

The rest is a quaint history. When I had finished drying my hair after the whole ordeal, I was a little stunned but there was a broad smile on my face. I had done it. My irrational fear of revealing a tangerine coloured head disappeared when I saw the lovely subtle copper.


It’s possibly the biggest confidence boost that I’ve had in a while, and it’s much needed. It’s a wonder what new hair can do for a girl. One thing I’ve learnt over these last few days is that you need to put yourself first. You need to please yourself and you need to take risks. My job now is to look after number one, and I can’t wait to see what else I give myself.


Life Experience

Hairy Debates

‘I really like your hair, it’s just so blonde!’ Ahem, excuse me? I dash to the mirror, clutching my locks, it’s not blonde, whut? 

*some indefinite time later*

‘Oh look how blonde you are!’ What? Just a sec. Again, I hurry to the mirror. Something is not right, am I colour blind? Or do I just perceive hair colour incorrectly? As far as I’m aware, my hair is a soft ginger colour, not blonde. I mean, I could be wrong, right? To me, blonde is pale, pale yellow, sometimes bordering on white. And more often than not, it’s fake. But recently I’ve experienced a few arguments with me awkwardly in the centre as people debate the actual colour of my hair. It’s blonde! Nooo, it’s strawberry blonde, are you blind?? Actually, I think you’ll find it’s a pale ginger…. And then when I chip in saying it definitely is a strawberry blonde I get shot down, with peeps telling me I’m wrong and I’m blonde. Oh, I guess you’re right then, not like it’s your hair or anything, whatever.

I’m really lucky actually. I love my hair colour, but I used to hate it. Back when it was a more gingery colour, all I got was mockery at school and it really used to hack me off. ‘Shut up, ginna.’ Yeah, ginna. Whatever that is. But now, you couldn’t make me change it – don’t try!

My point is, don’t argue with me when I tell you what my hair colour is or was. K? Good 🙂