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10 Things I’m Grateful For

It feels ages since I last wrote. Truth is, I write when I’m happy – that’s when I’m most inspired and lately, well, things haven’t been as fantastic as I usually prefer. I’m at that stage in my life where I want more than what I have. I look at all the adults around me with their stable careers, reasonable salary and their own homes (sometimes with puppies and/or babies) and I’m genuinely jealous. It’s not attractive and I’ve always had a flash of jealousy in my personality – why can’t I have what they have, I’m ready? But that’s not how it works in this day and age, is it? Being 22 means that you’ve just popped out of higher education and you’re in limbo. Unless you’re super lucky and land on your feet in a career you actually want to be in, you’re stuck, confused, inexperienced and in need of an adult life right now.

Of course, there are positives. I watched an inspirational video last night telling me to write down ten things I am grateful for every morning – in fact, I could start posting on here about it. Anything to feel better than usual. Today, my ten things would be:


  1. I have a most wonderful and charming boyfriend who loves me and cares for me

  2. I have the greatest family with all the support I could ever ask for

  3. I’m grateful for having a job and some kind of income

  4. I am grateful for my degree and the experience that uni has given me

  5. I am looking forward to voting in the election

  6. I am grateful for the fact that I am old enough to buy a bottle of rose should I wish

  7. I like that me and my friends have been accepted to rent a new house in the summer

  8. I am grateful that the winter is finally coming to an end and the mornings are getting lighter

  9. I am grateful for my copious amounts of nail polish in a variety of colours that brighten my days

  10. I am grateful for my ability to cook when just three years ago, I was positively useless.

See, Brittany? Life isn’t so bad. I’ve got a lot of things going for me, I’m just trying to see them through the murky bleakness of the present. I want what I haven’t got and what I won’t get without trying super hard for. One example being that I want to drive my own car, but here’s a newsflash for ya – can’t do that til you’ve learned how to drive. How inconvenient, am I right?

And it’s true. I know that I need to lighten up and maybe stop plaguing my pretty blog with these miserable posts, but at the moment, this is one of my only outlets. When I write things down it makes more sense to me and I can usually figure out the problem after I’ve spread all my thoughts onto paper/webpage. One solution for me is to see a medium, I think. Please don’t scoff. I don’t necessarily believe in a lot of the stuff that mediums tell you – I don’t really think they can talk to your dead relatives and tell you what they’re up to – but I do think that they can really help you with advice if you feel like you’re drowning a little bit.

All of this aside, I’m fine. I am (keep telling myself this) but I know that everything will turn out fine in the end – it always does – I just want it to hurry the f*** up.