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Köln – July 2016

13575958_10210001011284647_8954873265929576139_oIt’s been 5 years since I was last in Germany, and being there again recently entirely
reignited my love for the country.

Meeting my assigned exchange student in 2011 was terrifying; I had no idea if we would get on, or whether I would be a good enough host. 5 years later, we’re talking about weddings and babies and careers. It’s been a magical journey so far, and I hope I don’t leave as big a gap this time…

Day 1

Köln is a beautiful city, but we didn’t spend much time in the city centre as before. Our first achievement was… [read more]

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So much to say, so little time…

Well ladies and gentleman, yesterday night I returned home from my second country, Germany. I wonder if you recall my previous post about me flying over there by myself and to be perfectly frank, I was absolutely bricking it. It only really hit me on the way to the airport and I suddenly thought ‘Oh my God, this is actually happening’. Which was a massive slap in the face to realise that I’d be getting on a plane by myself. A PLANE.

But anyway, all fear and nerves aside, I made it on the plane and then to Germany, all on my lonesome. Still bricking it at this point. But, as I’m sure you’re delighted to hear, everything went perfectly smoothly from the Thursday night to Wednesday night just gone. I have had one of the best weeks ever, I loved it so much and, you know what? My German skills have gone through the roof – it’s a pity that I couldn’t have taken my exam now just after going to Germany. But no matter.

Speaking of which, lords and ladies! As many of you know, earlier today on 18.08.11 it was results day for all A Level students! And, you’ll be please to know, that I have finally risen above the shocking behaviour previously demonstrated within my German grade of a D and I’m now on a beautiful C for the A2 level. I will admit to you now; however, I’m sure you’re aware: that a B or even an A would have topped off this year, but I’m not all that bothered because I have achieved what I wanted – I managed to scrape myself from the floor of the D up into another grade and, perhaps more importantly, this morning I received my confirmation letter from York St John University saying that I have a place on my Film and TV Production course 😀 Erstaunlich!

So it would seem that I’ve settled in to German life quite nicely, and I’m hoping to go back some time next year; I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t breathe that Deutsch air every now and then. How sad. It’s a shame that some people, particularly some English people, I’m afraid to say, don’t care for Germany, because it seems that there’s a certain stereotype that is held over the German people. Well. I’ll have my chance to change the world at some point. As Morgan Freeman would say, “One act of random kindness at a time” (Evan Almighty, 2007).

But enough of my prattling for now, all you need to know is that I love my grades today! For those of you who don’t know: Media Studies – B, English Language – A, History – A and German – C. So, I suppose we’ll just see what happens with university in September…I just have to enrol now, fun fun fun!! 🙂

Well done to everyone who got their results today and all the best for your futures,

Brittany 🙂

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Exciting Times

So tomorrow I go to Germany! Again! For the fourth time this year, for the fourth time in my life. Unbelievably, at the beginning of year 13 at Brigshaw, I was annoyed that I’d never actually been to Germany despite my love for the language and, yes, I’m saying this, dedication to the subject. However, there is a downside: I’m going by myself. Now, I hate flying, even with people, but by myself?! Can I really do this? Suuurreee…it’s easy enough. And don’t get me wrong, once I get there it’ll be great, it’s just the travelling to and from that I’ll hate. Although I guess it’s the same with anything; I dread bus rides to and from places that I’m going, I think it’s just the whole concept of transport that I’m not all that keen on.

But, regardless, I’m going to get over it and get myself over there whether I like it or not. This is to see my friend from the Comenius Project that I’ve mentioned so many times before. See, now the sole of my foot is itching, which means that I must be going somewhere new. So I’ve been to Cologne before, but she must be taking me some place that I’ve not been to this week, which excites me now!

Anyway, I’d better get going so that I can get some sleep,


Brittany 🙂

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What is this ridiculous period of time that I’m going through?! I mean come on, it’s the summer, surely I should be enjoying it?! But instead, I find myself sitting in, watching it rain, rather than shine, kinda wishing the next month away. And I’m thinking to myself: I should be cramming these next few weeks with seeing friends, spending time with family and just generally having fun because there is just not that much time left until university (yay!). But it’s so boring, there’s like nothing to do because people are busy getting ready for uni, I’m going to Germany on Thursday for 6 days, y’know, there’s just no time left to do anything. So for the moment I’m stuck in this disgraceful limbo where I can’t really do anything big because I’m going away in, what? Five days? Oh my God, five days…scared much?

I’m sure there are many other people who agree with me, especially at this age because exams have finished, and therefore there’s no homework to be done. People have acquired part time jobs, so there’s not much free time to be had with friends and university is in September, meaning that I’ve been sitting around the house doing crap all (other than the couple of times that I’ve been in Germany obviously) and I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

I think, also, being stuck in the house means that I rely on the internet more than I should and I talk to friends online on an evening. And as many people know, I’d much rather talk to someone face-to-face than on the internet, but needs must, I suppose. Anyhow, when I talk to people too often online, I usually get the wrong end of the stick and become fed up with them saying the same thing over and over and over and over again. Oh. See what I did there? Muaha.

So at the moment I’m watching this German film on TV, I doubt that any other member of the United Kingdom is also, unless they’re called Mark. Bearing that in mind, I doubt that too because it’s really quite late. So I should be in bed. It’s actually becoming apparent to me now that I should be in bed because my fingers are literally moving across this keyboard like crazy and I’m just really rubbish off to you. So, apologies for the complete and utter irrelevance of this last paragraph.

I hope your summers are going very well, I know mine will kick off sooner or later.


Brittany 🙂

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Auf Deutsch, bitte

Und so, heute werde ich in Deutsch sprechen.. ich hoffe, dass es okay ist.. und im Moment werde ich den Grund erklären. Ich weiss, dass ich ein bisschen eifersüchtig bin und ja, ich weiss, dass es unattractiv ist, aber es ist mich..

Mein guter Freund hat eine junge Frau in Deutschland gefunden and ich bin unglücklich.. ja es ist so unreif und kindisch aber ich kann es nicht helfen. Ich denke, dass er sehr süß und fantastisch ist, besonders mit mir aber ich mag ihn nicht in dass Weise. Vielleicht ist es komisch und vielleicht glaubst du: ,,Sie liebt er, es ist so klar,” aber, nein. Er ist wie mein Bruder und ich fühle mich wie diese Frau nimmt ihn von mir. Ach. Es ist schwierig und doof. Ja. So doof. Und ich hoffe, dass er diesen Blog nicht lesen, da er die falsche Idee bekommen würde.

Wenn du ein bisschen verärgert bist, dass ich Deutsch sprechen, solltest du Google Translate benutzten.. es ist sehr nützlich.

Danke für mein Stöhnen zu hören,

Bis dann, Brittany 🙂

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Social Vibe

If you’re visiting this page.. which you obviously are if you’re reading this.. please scroll down a touch and click on the Social Vibe panel on the right hand side; it’s a charity button that you can click on and money will be donated to my chosen charity/cause, which concentrates its energy on helping people with autism and funding research to find treatments for it.

I guess I was inspired to choose this charity because of my trip to Germany with the Garforth Lions. You see, perhaps naively, I’d never come into contact with people with disabilities and the whole week really opened my eyes to the world out there. It made me realise that not everybody has an easy life, and that there are people out there who have a rough ride to cope with. So this charity is pretty important to me because things like this break my heart now. I know I shouldn’t feel pity or anything, people wouldn’t want me to, but it just disheartens me that the world is actually like this. I will definitely say that the Garforth Lions trip has made me a more compassionate and empathetic person all round.

So please, just click on it and help those with Autism and other disabilities. And, perhaps more importantly, get involved with anything like I did. I recently read one of my posts from 2009 and I put, “I’ll come out of my shell one day this year.” If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Cheers, Brittany 🙂

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TwentyEleven Thus Far

I’ve got to say that so far, this year (and the last two months of 2010) have been filled with the best experiences of my life. Since November 2010, I turned 18, visited the Czech Republic with the Comenius Project, visited Berlin with school (first ever German trip despite having been speaking German for 7 years), visited Cologne with Comenius, and visited Witzenhausen and surrounding German villages with the Garforth and Leeds District Lions Clubs. I’ve made the most amazing friends through all of these trips, I’ve gained confidence that I didn’t think I could ever had and I’d say that I’ve achieved a perspective of Europe and the world that some people refuse to accept, in the sense that any kind of stereotypes,  faint or otherwise, have been completely blown out of the window.

The point I’m trying to get across is that I’ve been able to visit these places because I’ve taken up opportunities that I’ve been given, perhaps incredibly luckily. But I’m not trying to tell you what I’ve done and how it’s benefited me; I’m telling you that throughout your life you’ve just got to take all the opportunities that you can, whether you’re scared of taking them or not. I believe very strongly that you’ve got to take risks, you’ve got to put yourself out there, out of your comfort zone because that’s the best way to meet people. Through these trips, I’ve made friends for life, people who I’m planning to meet up with again in the future – I’ve been given another outlook on life because I’ve been made to realise that I don’t have to stay with the same people in the same village in the same country for the rest of my life…there are over 6 billion people out there to meet, greet and love, but without taking risks, it won’t happen.

I know that everyone’s different, but everyone will be given different opportunities to meet people, to increase their personality, be it a small thing or something huge, something life-changing.

Dream as if you’ll life forever. Live as if you’ll die today. – James Dean

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Lions Club Youth Exchange to Germany

I care not for who reads this, but I need to share my experiences somehow… the past week spent in Witzenhausen with the various German Lions Clubs has to be one of the top 3 highlights of my life so far. Just going to Germany shatters the ridiculous stereotype that people have of Germans, and perhaps reinforces the stereotype that some English people are ignorant of Europe and its wonders.

I’ll fill you in, faithful reader; the Garforth Lions and other clubs around the Leeds area are involved with Lions Clubs in Germany and they alternate their visits each year. This time, I got a shot at accompanying them, providing that I and my friend Mark helped out when they needed us to do so.

I kid you not, the sheer amount of people that I have met in the past week was staggering and they were all so amazingly kind and nice and friendly! I loved them all!

I think what I got most out of the trip was the responsibility that was given to me and the awareness of disabled people, young and old, because, to be perfectly frank, I’ve never encountered disabled people until now and I’ll admit that I never understood what being disabled was all about, how it felt to look after someone etc etc.. and… yes, it’s crazily hard.. but definitely worthwhile.

I’m telling you all this in order to promote awareness of the Garforth Lions and Leeds District Lions etc because I don’t think enough people know about them; I certainly didn’t have a clue what they were all about, never mind knowing about these trips to Germany every other year. Those people who know me will know that the German language is one of my passions, but I beg you, don’t roll your eyes…because this genuinely is a fantastic thing that the Lions do for disabled people.

This past week I’ve made lots of new friends for life – English and German – I’ve visited the more unknown, but amazing places in Germany, flown in a tiny plane(!), fulfilled myself as a person and generally had the time of my life…so I’m asking you, please get involved with the Lions, even if you just show you’re support for them, they really do do a huge and fantastic job for people of all ages and of all kinds.

Anyway, thank you for putting up with me if you got this far, much appreciated 😀

Brittany x