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Guys, guys, guys! I have exciting news!

I’m directing a pilot for a web series this semester (which also happens to be my last, sob sob) and the theme ladies and gentlemen, is STEAMPUNK. Yes! For those of you who are unsure as to what it is, allow me to enlighten you to my take on it, as there are quite a few different opinions floating around out there. Imagine a world where steam has been used to develop technology, only steam. There’s no industrial revolution, no mobile phones, no cars. But there are airships and rayguns (big maybe) and women are equal to men in every way. It’s like the world is stuck in the Victorian age but are more advanced in some things simultaneously. And it’s so cool! It’s seen more of as an alternate reality and doesn’t really rely on legitimacy. Better not do anyway because I’m planning on doing this my way ha.

Essentially, this story is something like Sherlock Holmes, of course, but with a female lead called Gwendolyn Carrioncrow. She’s smart, she’s feisty and she’s fearless; she’ll stop at nothing to solve a case and she’ll do virtually anything to get what she wants. No, not like that! You disgust me. She’s very self assured but refuses to get close to people, after her parents died when she was just twelve and was forced to live with her elderly (and senile) aunt.

But enough of her! Let’s get down to business! Of course, similar to the last project, we are setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds. We are also hopefully holding a fund raiser which will include a bun sale and a quiz in York because steampunk, my friends, is NOT cheap. It’s all in the detail you see and it’s going to be a lot of hard work and money to make it look right. All I ask is that when the Kickstarter is live, please at least take a look at it (I will link it of course) and if you can, donate something, anything. We would be so grateful. I just want this film made so badly, it’s my last ever semester at university and I really want it to go well.

Now, I’m sure you’re tired of me banging on so I will bid you adieu for now and munch on a biscuit or something. Farewell, and I’ll update you later on in the project 🙂


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The Perks of Being a Sound Designer

Hi! I’m just plugging my own second WordPress blog here, no biggie. It’s for the purposes of my Film and TV course at uni and is supposed to be a more ‘professional’ way of talking about our current project. The professionalism isn’t really working out, but I’m trying. Take a look at it if you wish, it’s mainly for my own benefit when proving that I’ve actually been doing work but you might find it interesting all the same.


Much love.

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Project Venture, a Kickstarter Expedition!



This is the link to our kickstarter page for our film project about two sisters battling the odds to survive! No it isn’t The Hunger Games! No it isn’t How I Live Now! YES IT WILL BE ACE!

So please, please, please I am asking you – no – I’m begging you, out of the kindness of your hearts can you spare a few bob for us? Anything that you can afford, we will appreciate it so terribly much. You’re all fantastic WordPress friends and you’re all ace bloggers. It’s not just throwing money at us, you do get something back, it’s all detailed in the campaign.

Just remember, I love you.


And forever.

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Film Pals, I Need You

I’m in third year now – yes, scary, I know this – and we’re well on our way with the pre-production stage of making our film! It has to be said it’s very ambitious as a student project but I think it will be achieved through lots of hard work. This is where you lovely guys and gals come in. I believe that we are setting up a Kickstarter project, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is a website that supports crowd funding. Essentially you post a project and a target and people can pledge money to you, as little or as much as they like, and in return you give them rewards such as merchandise or even a credit. The page isn’t online yet but I shall be posting the details as soon as. Guys, I’m not asking for much, but I really love this course and I would love to do the best with it that it can achieve. I’d love you forever. Not that I don’t anyway, you sexy beast 😉

And now you’re probably wondering what this film will actually be about. Well, let’s just say for now that it’s set in the not too distant future and it’ll be cool as balls. Details will follow, I promise.

And for your time reading this, here’s a cute little hedgehog.


Oh Hai 3rd Year…

The third week of the first semester of my final year has just come to a close and TGIF, am I right? Third year. Ah. It’s actually the end. Everyone told me it would fly by and did I believe them? No hashtaglol. This year is going to consist of two sizeable film productions, a ten thousand word dissertation, accompanying commentaries of around 2,500 words a five thousand word portfolio or two talking about what I have learned and what I’m going to do with my life. Uh huh. I see. Right. I’m making this sound like I came to university not expecting to get any work, it’s not like that, really. It’s just that…well. Are there enough days for this? Will there be enough hours for sleep? I like sleep.

Of course, I’m having you on. Jk. But seriously, I am. I’m gonna embrace it. Welcome you dissertation and you production (gonna be sound designer btw for anyone who wants to hire me 😉 I know what I’m doing, js). I realise I’ve used a lot of acronyms in this. Sigh. I hang around with my cool friends too much, they’re rubbing off on me.

In other news, I’m hoping to do a[nother] vlog soon about Star Trek and Into Darkness. I’ve been requested to do these because the people who I acquaint with are quite partial to a bit of Star Trek here and there. I will be honest in the video.

And to finish, here’s some adorable kitties to make you giggle (Just in case I didn’t entertain you).

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The City’s Wings: A York St John University Documentary

As my previous post tells you, we have just finished our second year documentary and in this post I shall present it to you! Here you’ll find out who the Street Angels are and what they do and stand for. They deserve the recognition, so please give it a watch!

Click the picture below to go to the YouTube video!


Thanks for reading and watching, guys, I really appreciate it and this project means a lot to me. I know it’s only a student film, but I think it has an important message about these volunteers. Who are amazing btw.


Love Brittany x

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Lately all I’ve wanted to do is write. Be it scripts, stories, paragraphs or whatever, even blog posts every now and then. But mainly fictional. It’s just that I get to the point where my fingers start itching for a pen and paper, or for my laptop and all I want to do is write constantly, literally anything that pours out of my head. But there’s one problem: finding the ideas and pinpointing them. It’s as though in my head I have all these ideas and characters and locations swimming around but they refuse to come to fruition which can get really, really frustrating, lemme tell you. I guess part of it came from a very long and interesting conversation with Sam about what we like to write and what inspires us. Might be wise to join forces.. But anyway, the upshot of it is, I’m sitting here, staring at a blank Word Document, waiting for something to appear on the page as if by magic. I think I’m just too impatient to spend the time writing…hm.

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If You Put Your Mind To It…

Well hasn’t this been an interesting week! Essentially, I’ve finished my first year of university – at about 4:30am last Friday morning to be completely precise when I handed in my final essay – and I’m sitting here thinking where the hell has the time gone?! It’s safe to say that I’ve made some amazing friends, lost some amazing friends and miss some – mainly those from home who I don’t see all that much any more. This will change over the summer, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to keeping up with everyone that I love because I don’t want them to think that I’ve forgotten them. This isn’t to say that university is all about making friends, oh no. I’ve realised this lately. University is – would you believe it – a period of three years in which to gain the knowledge and skills that you’ll need in your future career. Not for making friends. Sure, this is a perk of uni and all that, but it hit me in the face the other day that as everyone’s going home at the moment, back to their real lives in their real homes, they’ll probably forget about each other for a time and things will go relatively back to how they were before uni. And then this led me to think: well what happens after uni? We’ll all go off, searching for our different callings in life and make yet more friends. And forget about some of the ones we made here. And then, we’ll get different jobs. Life is constantly about leaving people you love behind. Sure, you’ll never completely forget them, but they won’t be present in your life forever. It’s hard to understand if you’ve been out of school for a good few years, but you don’t realise until your very last year of school that you’re most likely not going to interact with any of these people again that you’ve spent at least 5 years with. And here I am, getting all ‘down in the dumps’ (really not) about growing up, but then I think to myself that life is going to be full of opportunities and that I can do anything I want in life. Anyone can.. And this is when good ol’ Marty McFly comes into it: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”. I’m all happy now.. might have to go watch Back to the Future. That’ll top it off. You should do the same. Yes

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0 / 3,000 Words Achieved Thus Far…

This is precisely how I feel while trying to start writing a massive essay that I don’t feel is particularly relevant to life at the moment. Meh.

Sam would care to share the source(s) of his inspiration:

And he would also care to share with you his recent listening habits:

Now, back to straining my tired brain as Sam watches eagerly over my shoulder. Ciao.