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Yesterday lunch time involved one of the easiest salads I have ever experienced. Lightly

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fried salmon, red & yellow peppers, and cucumber topped with a teensy bit of honey mustard dressing made a delicious and filling meal.

I couldn’t eat it all, mainly because the crunchy peppers were hurting my wisdom tooth that has decided to push through again, but there was also a lot of it.

And the salmon!

Why don’t we eat salmon 24/7? It’s so, so good and so easy to eat. It’s one of those foods that I don’t care what it goes with – pasta, salad, chips, sandwich, anything!

As we mentioned before in some feeble diet posts, this is one of the healthier meals that I enjoy.

To update you on the ‘diet’ I’ve started a yoga DVD which I try to do every day where possible for an hour and I’m pretty sure it’s working. I don’t feel slimmer yet. In fact, I just feel in pain from using muscles I didn’t know were there BUT I think I look more defined. We will see anyway. The point is, I’m enjoying it, so there’s that.

Please eat salmon and put it with whatever you want. I’ll be trawling through foodie blogs and Pinterest boards looking for more scrumptious ideas!

Peace x

Food and Drink

‘Diet’ Update

I’ll be honest.

I haven’t stuck to the ‘diet’ I gave myself. I ate some pizza last night and the night before that? Southern fried chicken.

Part of me cares, part of me doesn’t. I hear myself say ‘this isn’t good for you, spit it out!’, but I never do.

I always knew I could never go cold turkey at the start, because I’m stubborn and I would get mad (which I already have been doing – no sugar has made me cranky).

I am trying, though. I’ve swapped sandwiches for salad at lunch time and have yoghurts for breakfast rather than nothing. I’m making a push for cooking fresh where possible,  rather than being lazy and buying ready meals. I also drink green tea instead of Yorkshire tea and have swapped fizzy pop for squash with no added sugar. Go me.

The changes are small, and probably won’t make that big of a difference seeing as my job involves sitting at a desk  a l l  d a y.

Movement is key, obviously, but while I’m not actually tracking my weight because there is a spider attached to the bathroom scales right now, there’s no way of telling if I’m actually doing something right. I feel better in myself at least, if that counts (which it does, I am told).

Food and Drink

10, 12 or a 14?

I haven’t got a New Year’s Resolution as such; and I find it hard to come up with a specific goal because I have never, ever stuck to them. I’ve always become bored with sticking to the new rules, or circumstances have changed that have made the resolutions irrelevant or pointless.

But for 2016, I have decided to make a couple of changes to my lifestyle, with the idea of getting a little bit healthier and fitter! At the moment I’m an asthmatic, jelly-fied 23 year old between a UK size 10, 12 and 14, who can’t walk down the street without getting a sweat on. I’ve always been conscious of my body (as far too many women are) but after the food I’ve consumed over Christmas, it has really hit me how unhealthy I actually am.

The plan is to start small, and it helps me that Sam is also on board; so last night we went to Morrison’s and got a load of vegetables and some fish,

Lots of mash (I couldn’t eat it all)

chicken and mince. For dinner yesterday we enjoyed salmon in parsley sauce, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Tonight, we’re going to make a puff pastry tart bejewelled with colourful vegetables and tomato puree (there will perhaps be a photo of that later as well). And for my lunch today at work, I’ve got carrots and houmous.

I don’t have a goal weight, and I don’t really understand calories or how to work out effectively, but I just want to be able to walk into a clothes shop and be 100% sure that a size 10 top will fit me. I want to be able to run up the stairs and not be out of breath – as far as asthma will allow. And I want to not be so bloody reliant on Galaxy chocolate on an evening!

I think what is important, is that I don’t focus on a specific goal, and I don’t force myself to be super healthy all at once, because my psychology will kick in and I will dig my heels in. I’m not going to give myself a time limit and I’m not calling it a New Year’s Resolution to get fitter; I’ve just taken the beginning of 2016 as a marker to alter my lifestyle and maybe see some confidence benefits.

So as I sit here, drinking cranberry green tea instead of Yorkshire tea, wishing to some extent that I didn’t really sit down all day, I’m looking forward to 2016 and I’m going to try really REALLY hard not to scoff all of that chocolate I got for Christmas in one sitting…

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Five Ways to Relax After Work

I find it really difficult sometimes to return to myself after a hard, long day at work. The commute and the nature of the job automatically triggers higher than I would like stress levels and it got to the point where I was turning into a real bitch on an evening, which isn’t nice for anybody. Over the last couple of months, however, I have found a few ways of calming down and becoming me again when I get home, which is nice for everybody in the house, not only myself. I’ve managed to sort them into five nice succinct numbers and hopefully they’ll work for somebody out there in the blogging world.

1. Creative Colouring Books for Grown-Ups

61Wn3m9LdnL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I bought one of these art therapy books,  and it’s actually working wonders. I didn’t expect it to that much, I jumped on the bandwagon and decided that because I’m a creative person I should probably have one of these on my shelf. There are so many out there and they’re getting really popular because they do work. Having a book with beautiful black and white patterns to peacefully colour in on an evening is bliss. You can get them from bookshops like Waterstones or WH Smith (I got mine from Amazon for about a fiver) and decent colouring pencils aren’t expensive – it costs barely anything to chill out and have a pretty masterpiece at the end of it. Highly recommended – it keeps me quiet which is a win-win for everyone.

2. Plan what you’re going to eat in advance

My life seems to revolve around food an awful lot – what’s for lunch, what’s for dinner, tell me now! – and I’ve found it really soothing to know what’s going in my belly after work. After all, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to and that thing is nomz. I really enjoy cooking and I’ve got a taste for cooking healthy meals from scratch recently. This keeps me busy but not too busy – you don’t wanna be the busy kinda stressed with cooking because that defeats the whole point. Get some tasty stuff in your fridge and have your mouth watering all day thinking about it.

3. Watch an old filmlarge_eE64N6PYCSRW2mtQucfK2av5Wk2

It’s no secret that I love films. They’re the bees knees and there’s nothing that I love more than curling up in front of a movie with a glass of orange juice (wine). It’s always great, though, to watch films that you have seen before. Films that you know you love, that are just great at what they do – entertaining. Have a dig through your DVD collection or hit up Netflix, find something you haven’t watched in years and stick it on. If you have the luxury, shove some popcorn in the microwave and you’re away.

4. Have a shower as soon as you enter the house

If you don’t share a house with 5 people like I do and can use the bathroom whenever you feel like it, it’s a great idea to drop your bags, throw off your coat and head straight for the shower. Make it hot, make it steamy and when you come out, work will have been washed off you and you’ll be ready to relax. I always love feeling all snuggly and fluffy in my PJs as well and omg if you have fresh bedding waiting for you, it’s a blessing. Yeah I get a little excited… I figure this is what it’s like to be an adult…

5. Do some writing

Power of WordsDoesn’t matter if it’s fictional, a diary, random words or a monologue, just write. Get that pen to paper and put your mind on the page. Just don’t do anything school or uni related – it’s gotta be your own brain. Your own thoughts, what matters to you. It really, really, like really helps me to write – shocker, I have a blog – because I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode from everything going on inside it. And if those things are work related, it’s as though I’m taking those stresses away and giving them to the paper. Because those things are written down you don’t forget them either – so your brain is worry free and your memory can rest easy, knowing that you’ve got it covered. Be chill.

Only you can really make yourself happy and I had to discover this on my own, after pissing everybody else off. Took me a while to realise that it was me being too crabby after work but – I think – it’s all fixed now… Seriously get one of those colouring books though..

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Christmas Inspiration

I’m at a real loss here, but I haven’t posted in a few days and I have to say something. Only what? The majority of my inspiration comes from working in a secondary school and as it’s the holidays, I’m struggling with interesting things to tell!

But anyway, Christmas has come and gone and I think I’ve been on a festive high for the last three days: Christmas round three was today. Three days of massive dinners (courtesy of my lovely mum), family, friends and party games has left me exhausted and wondering what more there is to life. It’s snowed, it’s frozen and it’s tired me out.

Christmas Day was wonderful, we all love it. I received more amazing presents than I expected or can count and it was lovely to see people’s face light up when they opened my gifts. It’s just a happy time of year, isn’t it??

I will say though, before I wrap this up like a Christmas present (hahahaha) I’m not a huge fan of party games….they bore me….and I get sad when I don’t win….and, again, they just bore me. Which is the opposite of what a game does but there you go.

I’m going to bed now. I’m knackered. I’m done, gonna hibernate now until the 5th which is when school starts again….


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The Great Yorkshire Show 2013

ALL of the people

I don’t make it a secret that I’m from Yorkshire – it’s pretty obvious if you know me…which most of you don’t, but that’s irrelevant. Yesterday I went to the Great Yorkshire Show which is a massive agricultural show that runs across three days each year in Harrogate. The grounds are huge and are filled with tents, marquees, buses, trailers, showgrounds and people. With prams (I’ll get onto that later). These tents are crammed with food stalls, clothes, arts and crafts, leaflets on the seaside, stress balls shaped into cows, cheese, flowers, wine, gifts, clocks, mirrors…the list could go on forever. It’s amazing. You can buy and sample so many things here. And then there’s the thing that is the real reason the show is there. The agricultural judging. People take their livestock, including sheep, pigs, cows, rabbits, horses, pigeons in the hope of winning a rosette or two. I’m not really into this element of the show, but it’s nice to look at all the animals and marvel at how amazing they are. Some of the bulls are huge, it’s terrifying. Less terrifying (depending on what they’re actually wearing) are the fashion shows, demonstrating the latest fashions for country-lovers. Some of the clothes looked really nice, others…well, no I won’t say. There was also plenty of music throughout the grounds, although someone absolutely slaughtered (ha, get it? No? Okay 😦 ) a Genesis song.

And now, I’m going to give you a rundown of what we did – don’t worry, it won’t be too long,  I never write much in my posts anyway, do I?

To kickstart the day after a 6am rise, two trains and a bus ride, we headed straight for a food marquee to grab a bacon sandwich. This is all my Dad wanted and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Ever. The bacon was so good (Sorry if you’re a vegetarian, but it is a farm show) and the bread was amazing. It certainly woke me up.

Is cheese

After the bacon-ness we went straight to the Food Hall because that gets ridiculously busy and pretty unbearable when all (at least) 40,000 visitors have been squeezed through the gates. Inside, there are so many different stalls where you can buy fresh meat, fruit, cheese, wine, cider, chocolate, bread, crisps, fudge, pastries…all sorts. It’s more of a place to buy food to take home with you, rather than to eat there and then. But the glory of this place is the free samples that you get, I must have had my share of a few sausages – laugh if you must – from all the samples that I had. I also tried goats milk (never again, thank you), so much cheese, ginger beer and many other things. I just always feel guilty though when we eat their samples, then walk away without buying anything. Muahaha. No, but really, it was so good. Everything tasted amazing.

I believe (because my memory is appalling) that after the Food Hall we went round a lot of the tents and stalls that were spread across this 250 acre site, taking in all the sights, the sounds and, of course, the delightful smells. I say this sarcastically as any person who lives in the country would understand, animals do not smell all that great. We went into one of the arts and crafty marquees and in there was a stall with handmade jewellery created using bits and bobs like, oh I dunno, bits of Lego. Like LOTR Lego characters, or Star Wars. This woman used loads of stuff and I ended up with a nice bracelet with tiny coloured dice woven into it. She had made sweets out of plastic (or something like that) and made them into necklaces. It was awesome. I know of a couple of websites that already do this and I desperately want to mention them, but I think there’s something about not being allowed to? I don’t know. But everything was so cool! Had to be one of my favourite stalls. The clothes ones weren’t as fantastic, as they were definitely aimed at a certain type of person. Made in Chelsea perhaps? A lot of it was like riding gear outfits and I won’t go near horses, so it’s definitely not intended for me.


When we’d walked around for ages and I’d had a chocolate milkshake that was amazing to begin with and then tasted like battery fluid when I reached the dregs, we went in search for a venison burger, which is all I’d ever wanted when my mum asked if I wanted to go to the Show about a month ago. We did find a trailer that did them, but there was such a wait! It was well worth it, needless to say. I love venison. The last time I had it, before this, was in York when an international food market came. Oh gosh, it was so tasty. Mmmm. Yeah…

Totally lost my train of thought there…

After the venison burger, we just went round again, looking at everything we’d missed. By this point, I was already knackered. I don’t do getting up early and then being non-stop for hours after that. I don’t deserve to be a student really. And what made if worse was the people. Unfortunately, people are just so rude. Especially when they have a pram in front of them. The majority of people with pushchairs thought it appropriate to use them as battering rams to get everybody else out of the way. My question at this point is simple: why would you bring a pram, something large and with an actual human sitting in it, into a tent that has walkways barely two people wide? Why? And then complain that people aren’t letting you past or are getting in your way. Where would you like me to go, lady?! Anyway, on a nicer note, we saw llamas and owls and spoke to lots of lovely people. So it was a nice day, honestly, it was just difficult dealing with all of the ignorant humanoids that think pushing is the way forward. Not without a smack, it isn’t.

They said it was a llama..
They said it was a llama..

It was just such a great day, even though today I’m still absolutely knackered. Most of all, though, going to the show made me realise how proud I am to be from Yorkshire and it made me never want to leave. Which I’ll most likely have to if I want to be in film and TV, haha. I hope you enjoyed reading about this and are thinking about going to the Show this time next year, even if you don’t live in England or the UK. A downside, I’m afraid of the show, is that everything is quite expensive here, but it’s such a great experience that you really don’t care. 🙂

And here is a pretty…falcon? Yes.
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I’m Hungry

There’s nothing really else to say other than the fact that I’m quite peckish at the moment. I could argue that this is some deep post about the natural and small needs of human beings that aren’t really worth blogging about, but it’s not. I’m just hungry. I could also say that the idea behind this post is to demonstrate to you my hunger for more from life, the fact that I need more, something that I can really.. oh boy.. get my teeth into. But, no. I’m just hungry. I’m not talking about anything deep, meaningful or something that will affect your life in the long or short term. I am just hungry. I think fish fingers are in order. Yes.

Good plan.