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What I’ve Learnt This Week

The first week back after the holidays: it’s never going to be a breeze. But mine has been particularly trying and I’ve hardly even been here…

I had a job interview. I won’t say much, but it felt like it went well (I haven’t heard back yet) which did give me a confidence boost but as they always are, it was a stressful experience. It’s draining, thinking about yourself and questioning your decisions. Thinking about what they might ask and lmbwhat answers are appropriate. Contemplating whether to use big words or not and trying so hard not to say ‘like’ every three words. Not only that, but there was a mix up with the dates and therefore a drama when it comes to where I am right now. That all made me tired. And by this point it was Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday morning gave me a bit of exercise – I got a surprise hospital appointment which meant a brisk 2 mile walk to the other side of town at 8am. Of course, I then had to come all the way back (on my irregular sesamoid as well) to catch a train, a bus and then finally arrive at work. Woah. Energy levels are reaching zero boys and girls.

I like being busy, and I like being productive which I feel this week has been – there’s nothing worse than feeling you haven’t achieved anything and it’s almost Monday again. But I have and the good news is, my foot is finally going somewhere, it’s gonna get fixed (one day) and I know that I can handle pressure when it comes to job interviews in a place you’ve never even seen before. I can hack it, I know I can and that is what I’ve learnt this week. Aww.

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Spring Time Travel

Always a killer when the clocks go forward, isn’t it? Completely knocks the wind out of me and I tell ya, it’s a good job it’s on a Sunday because I would not be okay if it was on a Monday. For once, they’ve actually thought of something right.

But there are definitely more positives to this than negatives – for one, the nights get lighter, you can still see vague daylight at 8pm now, how exciting! For another, it means the start of spring. More sunshine, more flowers, more days out, more happiness. And that’s what I really need right about now. Kind of appropriate for this time of year that I bought a canvas yesterday that says ‘Bee Happy’ and has a cute little bee on it. Aww.

The rapidly approaching summer also means a lot of changes for me, including moving house and finding a new career direction. Summer of 2015 is gonna be busy busy busy (like a bee hehe).

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Egg Attack!


This is a really, really big Easter egg that Sam bought for me the other weekend – spoilt, I know – and yesterday was the landmark day when I started to hack into it. I’ve been staring at it for a while, wondering how to go about it and to be honest I’ve been quite intimidated by it…I mean look at it! But yesterday I manned up and dug in.

Step 1: Open the box carefully in case it jumps out and attacks. (This did not occur)


Step 2: Place in the largest bowl you can find, even though it still manages to dwarf it.


Step 3: Select appropriate weapon and threaten the egg with its blade.


Step 4: Take said weapon and pierce through the top. Consequently get the knife slightly stuck.


Step 5: Proceed to claw at the egg with bare hands, demonstrating strength and power.


Step 6: Drop fallen pieces into the previously dwarfed bowl until satisfying amount of chocolate is reached.


Step 7: Admire handiwork and watch the egg as it admits defeat.


Step 8: Take photo looking into the darkness that is the inside of the chocolate cave.


Step 9: Turn flash on inside egg.


Step 10: DEMOLISH IT. (Just kidding, just eat the pieces you ripped off. (Also no picture of me eating).)

I love chocolate. That is all 🙂

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I came home for the Easter break yesterday and now, after pigging out on practically everything that my parents’ fridge has to offer and taking full advantage of the sofa and therefore the remote control, I’m finally getting around to doing something worth a little more than soaking up the wonders of The Big Bang Theory and The Jeremy Kyle Show everyday. That said, I can’t say I’ve seen 09:25am for a long time and usually have to submit myself to ITV Player on a night, say about 2 o’ clock in the morning.

So I’ve been thinking (shocking, yes) and I’ve come to the conclusion that this holiday is solely for watching as many films as possible, catching up with my friends who I haven’t seen for months and spending much needed time with the fam-a-lam. This break certainly is going to be good, catching up with people, places and some much needed sleep that I seem to be fond of forgetting about when I’m at university.

It’s just that, naturally, and as expected, I’m going to miss my York companions perhaps a little too much. My two girls, the course and other people who I’ve met and love spending time with. What I won’t miss, I suppose, is the house at Limes Court, my uni accommodation. I left it with the others, sick of the state of the kitchen and the generic dullness of the whole house. Yes, I did say that the kitchen is a mess and I’ll tell you for why: we’re students and we’re not- … who am I kidding? The kitchen’s a tip because some people who I live with are actually disgusting and no matter how many times me and a couple of others actually clean it, the rest of them take it upon themselves to screw it all up again. Lovely people, ey!

But this is a happy and positive post and I refuse to allow myself to get bogged down with rants about the grotty student house in which I currently reside. Easter is going to be a fantastic time for me, and I intend to make good time for everyone who I love. You should also do this! I suppose this can be the ‘moral’ for my post, spend time with your loved ones while you can! Life is just too short to not make time for the people in your life.