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Christmas spirit, or lack thereof

York, England, lunch time. Two days before Christmas. Going into town is possibly one of the worst decisions a girl can make but yours truly did it anyway. Pandemonium is the only word for what I experienced I think. And there were two categories of people: those who knew that they were shopping for and those who didn’t. The latter were the most difficult to work with, constantly stopping and starting, turning around and being surprised when they found you standing behind them, stunned that the movement of the packed path had been stopped by someone away with the fairies.

I understand that Christmas is the most stressful time of year for a high street in a city centre and I have had my fair share of stress so far but what got me most today was how rude people are…like, really rude. So much that I had one person growl at me in the ear and swear when he came running out of a shop and almost crashed into me. Look where you’re going, hello? We don’t have traffic lights for pedestrians, you have to do the looking yourself, idiot.

The Christmas spirit just isn’t there when people are shopping. I resorted to doing most of mine on the Internet a few weeks ago because it’s incredibly challenging to try to face the crowds in the town centre, everyone either dashing somewhere or looking gaumless at all the shops. Where has my Christmas spirit gone? I’m not entirely sure. It’ll be back come the 25th though…


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Christmas Shopping Saturday (for EVERYbody)


The world and his dog was in Leeds City centre today it seemed. Me and mum had decided to meet up for a ladies day of Christmas shopping and lunch and it was really, really nice….except for everyone else in Leeds. I know it’s prime time for Christmas shoppers and I know it was a Saturday afternoon but COME ON PEOPLE. Groups of elderly peeps were everywhere, exiting the shops and stopping right outside to decide where they were heading next. Then there were the grumpy husbands who didn’t even want to be out and would rather be watching football at home who did nothing but growl and swear if somebody got in their way.

And let’s not even get started in the children wandering around without parents. I’m sorry but how do you have a child and not want to keep an eye on them in Leeds City centre? It’s a sodding big place and for a lonely child can’t be the safest.

The shops were hot and crowded and it was difficult to even move but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being in York, I miss the mainstream high street shops that you get in every city. Don’t get me wrong, I love the little quirky shops in York but for the love of god I just want to go to Primark every once in a while!

But anyway, I’m doing more Christmas shopping tomorrow in York which I’m looking forward to and then on Monday its back to work after a glorious three day weekend. Sad times 😦