Ouchy, Ouch, Ouch

Right, I don’t wanna have a moan here but I’m gonna anyway and I don’t expect everyone to feel sympathy for me (which they should) but here goes.

I am in pain. I have been for years now. Like, physical pain (and no this isn’t some sort of metaphorical revelation that I’m coming to after so long, I literally am hurting). It’s my foot. And it’s driving me absolutely crazy. When I walk, I virtually cry from the pain. When I sit down, it throbs and is unreal. Under the ball of my foot, there are two little bones knocking together (so the doc says, I don’t really know) and this is what’s doing it. Yes there are bigger problems out there and yes I have a wonderful life that’s fruitful and glorious and YES I know that people have it worse but it’s making me unhappy and is spoiling my days.

As I often say with posts, there is literally nothing to this other than the fact that I need to vent somewhere and I need to let the world know that I have a limp!