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And So We Continue on Our Journey…

We’re in semester two now of university and, to be honest, it’s getting a bit tiresome. Yeeessss of course I’m still enjoying it what with the course content, new friends and the aspect of living in the beautiful city of York but…I dunno it’s getting a bit too…repetitive. Repetitive. And I miss home. I think what’s hitting me most is the lack of home comforts that you get at uni, such as a sofa, as crazy and ridiculous as it sounds and yes, you might say, “You’ve got a bed, it’s practically the same thing,” but it just isn’t. I want a sofa. To sprawl on, to lounge on like an absolute slob. You can’t be a slob at uni, regardless of what preconceptions people have of students; yes we sleep in, yes we eat ridiculous amounts of crap and yes, sometimes getting up for a lecture is just too much of an effort to even be bothered with but here there’s nowhere to just sit and chill. Fair enough, I sit in my room on my bed with the laptop on more times than I’d care to imagine, but I want to be able to literally fester in front of a big TV with a thwacking great bar of Galaxy chocolate as my only friend.


That’s another thing that we don’t have here. Some people do, some have a TV in their room which is all well and good I suppose but I’m guessing it’s just not the same. And where the hell do they find the bloody time to watch it?? I never seem to have any spare time to just sit and watch something like a film anyway, never mind wasting hours sitting in front of the box. Waste of money if you ask me. But I could be wrong, as with many things, this is just thought processes that are going through my head right now, as interesting as they are to you, I’m certain 😉

So anyway, yes. University is becoming boring. No, wait, wrong word. Tedious.

At least at home I could have a whole day doing nothing in a way that I want, not sleeping in ’til the afternoon because there is literally crap all to doMeh.