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Köln – July 2016

13575958_10210001011284647_8954873265929576139_oIt’s been 5 years since I was last in Germany, and being there again recently entirely
reignited my love for the country.

Meeting my assigned exchange student in 2011 was terrifying; I had no idea if we would get on, or whether I would be a good enough host. 5 years later, we’re talking about weddings and babies and careers. It’s been a magical journey so far, and I hope I don’t leave as big a gap this time…

Day 1

Köln is a beautiful city, but we didn’t spend much time in the city centre as before. Our first achievement was… [read more]

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Exciting Times

So tomorrow I go to Germany! Again! For the fourth time this year, for the fourth time in my life. Unbelievably, at the beginning of year 13 at Brigshaw, I was annoyed that I’d never actually been to Germany despite my love for the language and, yes, I’m saying this, dedication to the subject. However, there is a downside: I’m going by myself. Now, I hate flying, even with people, but by myself?! Can I really do this? Suuurreee…it’s easy enough. And don’t get me wrong, once I get there it’ll be great, it’s just the travelling to and from that I’ll hate. Although I guess it’s the same with anything; I dread bus rides to and from places that I’m going, I think it’s just the whole concept of transport that I’m not all that keen on.

But, regardless, I’m going to get over it and get myself over there whether I like it or not. This is to see my friend from the Comenius Project that I’ve mentioned so many times before. See, now the sole of my foot is itching, which means that I must be going somewhere new. So I’ve been to Cologne before, but she must be taking me some place that I’ve not been to this week, which excites me now!

Anyway, I’d better get going so that I can get some sleep,


Brittany 🙂