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Merry Christmaz

It’s the Christmas holidays….

It’s the first weekend of the Christmas holidays….

I have two uninterrupted weeks to chill out and enjoy Christmas….

AND I AM SO EXCITED. Omg it is so great to know that after seventeen weeks of working at school I can sit down and not get up at quarter to six every morning and not have to wait until half six to get home.

Plans? I’m visiting Sam’s until Monday, going to the doctors in York on Tuesday and then coming home for a blissful Christmas where I will eat more than my stomach can hold and sleep more than I probably should.

There may not be much activity on this blog for the next two weeks because most of my inspiration comes from working at school…anyway.




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That Friday Feeling

I woke up this morning bright eyed (okay, maybe not) and bushy tailed (nope) ready to take on the day (more or less). I FrozenAnnaNotMorningPerson-619-386arrived at school, pulled on my cosy Christmas jumper with flashing lights no less and joined in with the festivities in lessons. Quizzes, films, games, chocolate, the perfect end to a long, long term.

But wait. It’s not the end. There is one more day to go… One more early night and early morning. One more day of hardly seeing daylight or being outside. One more day before I can relax for Christmas.

And then I get involved in more festivities, thinking about what a nice day it is to spend with the children I’ve met since September and the teachers that I have made friends with. Such a good day to finish for the Christmas holidays.


Friday is tomorrow. Today is Thursday and that is the trouble with the Christmas holidays. Because everyone is celebrating all the time, I’m forgetting that we have one more day to go and the holiday has, in fact not begun. Today is Thursday. I’ll have to adopt it as my mantra for the day with everyone saying Merry Christmas and me saying it back, it’s confusing my lil brain.

Even so, there is technically only one day left (not even that, the kids go home at 1pm) and then it’s onto the party bus that evening for the staff do. I think Christmas will properly begin for me on Saturday morning when I know I have two glorious weeks ahead of me to chill out and just breathe. Like I’ve said before, this is one of the perks of working in education, no matter how much I moan and whinge. Other jobs just do not get holidays like this, it’s a fact. And I am going to be extremely grateful for spending quality time with the family and bf over the next fortnight. Aww.



Hump Day!

No. It’s not vulgar. It’s a legitimate thing that office people say on a Wednesday because it means after today you’re over the hump of the week. I honestly can’t wait enough for the holidays. I’m drained – so drained. So tired. And I can’t even begin to imagine how teachers feel…I’m just a teaching assistant why am I so sleepy?

Today is dragging though, as they all do when you long for your bed. Or Christmas. Either way, I want something.

I’ve also been looking at enhancing my career prospects after this internship. A masters degree might be on the cards…who knows? Let’s see if I can save up enough money…….ha.


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Adult Realisations

The 15th of December, coincidently, the 15th week of this term and four days until the end of it. Let me tell you, this is no minor detail. It’s huge. It’s all anybody’s talking about, there is a vague buzz going about the school of happiness and a sudden weird burst of energy from somewhere. It’s the final push before Christmas and everyone wants it now. Not just the staff though, obviously the kids as well. And I totally get it, I remember coming up to the last week of term, knowing that Friday meant a 1pm finish and then the festivities could begin. Except this time with the end of term approaching I can look forward to travelling back and forth from Stockport, York and Garforth and sophisticated presents that I can use in every day life. But most of all I can look forward to settling down with a Baileys and hot chocolate or a fruity cider on a night and enjoying a glass of the classic Bucks Fizz on Christmas Day. Won’t it be wonderful?? Yes, growing up has its downsides like paying for things, work, stress and taxes etc but to be honest since turning the ripe old age of 22 (drastic, I know) I’m realising that there are many more good things to being an adult than I thought.

I’ve been an adult for a while now, obviously, and I’ve been living independently for over three years but since starting full time work I’ve really stated to think about life and how humans work; whether I agree with it or not 😉 and such.

Life is hard, but it’s times like Christmas that really make it great and I really appreciate everything that I have (even though I’m really poor and would love some more dosh but whatever) no but I am grateful. And thankful. And I can’t wait to spend Christmas with everyone I love.


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Holidays and Professional Development

This time next week I’ll be relishing in the fact that the holidays have begun and I can begin my Christmas time. This is when the non-education sectors throw in ‘omg you can’t even complain about hard work, think about the holidays that you get!’ Yeah. The holidays are great, wouldn’t change them for the world at all. But I will say this; every single teacher deserves it. Jesus Christ do they deserve it. If you’ve never worked in a school then I’m afraid there’s no way of you knowing how stressful working in education is. Cos it is.

The holidays are wonderful, there’s no two ways about it, I love the idea of having two weeks off at Christmas when some people have two days. However, one thing that I will say about the holidays that isn’t so great is that it means that you literally have no flexible time to take off work. Need the doctor? Tough. Kids’ sports day? Don’t think so. Want to see The Hobbit midnight showing? Doubt it. So naturally there are both pros and cons to working in education, like there are to any job in the whole world.

I’m really learning a lot from working this internship and it’s really opening my eyes to real life work both in education and not. I’m really enjoying myself and I think by the end of it I will have changed and developed a lot as a person and I look forward to meeting that version of me.