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One for the History Books…

Sunday 20th August is going down in history as one of the greatest days of my life, and I know this already because it will be the day that I finally pick up my very first, very own, not-very-new car!

I passed my test in mid-July after taking double lessons every week for 6 months and since then I’ve been driving my Dad’s car to and from my Nana’s, to the shops, to see friends and to pick up my sister from work – nothing too exciting unfortunately. BUT the point is that I am driving after being desperate to for years.

The independence you get from driving is incredible, there’s nothing else like it, especially when you’ve relied on England’s horrendous public transport every day, or have had to beg for lifts when the usually buses fail. It feels like something people take for granted, but I’m still amazed that I can literally hop in the car and go wherever I want, whenever I want.

I feel that a lot of people do actually take driving for granted, and see it as a right more than a privilege, which is a shame. I’m sure you know that when you’re a learner, you experience a lot of aggression from people who might be annoyed that you’re going as fast as the speed limit, or get frustrated if you stall the car, somehow forgetting that they were also a learner driver once.

Since passing, I’ve had a green P plate fixed to the back of the car which I’d like to think creates a bit of a bubble around me (it doesn’t); but in theory it serves as a warning to people that I’m still finding my feet with driving a car on my own without the observations of an instructor. However, it by no means curbs any aggression from people. Sometimes, it actually makes it worse, but getting a thicker skin while driving is something that I’m definitely working on each time I’m on the road.

Back to the excitement however, all that aside, by Sunday evening I will be the proud owner of a little A-B, runaround vehicle, my very own bright blue four wheels! I can’t wait, I can’t physically wait. Please do anticipate a myriad of photos when I have him (he’s called Marty)! Ah!

P.S. It’s not a DeLorean unfortunately…


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Hairy Scary

If you live in the UK, you’ll know about the vicious weather we’ve had in the last few days. To put it simply; it’s been vile. Yesterday, however, was something special. Rain, as it does, appeared out of nowhere and before anyone had chance to think, everywhere was pretty much flooded. Luckily, Sam and I missed the flooding as we were driving from Castleford to York but we didn’t miss out in being in the middle of torrential weather.

Coming onto the A64 dual carriageway, we experienced something that I never knew could happen to a car (and we’re still not 100% sure on what actually happened). It felt like a huge gust of wind started pushing the car from right to left, completely turning the tires and affecting Sam’s steering. The car, trying to get itself to lose control locked the wheels into the left position and Sam had to force it back over to the right. Because of this, the car flew from one side of the road to the other many times and, honestly, I thought that was it. I thought we were done for. Luckily, it was over pretty much as soon as it began and Sam got the car under control again. It’s just a good job that it was late Saturday evening and there were barely any other cars on the road. Had it been a different time of day, the story might have ended a lot differently.

When we got home, I told Sam that I loved him because even though nothing happened it was still bloody terrifying! All is well, however, and everyone is ay-okay!