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I’m IN.

I haven’t said anything on social media about the EU Referendum. Sure, I’ve talked about it to the people around me, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of what most of my circles think. But I don’t really like it when people push their views on others online, with post after post about being in or out, and why you’re a fool if you vote either way, or if you don’t.

Well I’m IN. I’m in because separating ourselves as a country in times of tribulation is a bad idea.

I’m in because we need to band together, and work together rather than just abandon countries who are supposed to be on our level.

I’m in because the leave campaign is a fear mongering thunderstorm condemning non-British people and it’s getting tiring.

I’m in because why would we want to condone hate for other people? Why would we even think that leaving the EU would somehow widen the sea between us and the rest of Europe?

Racism, separation, division, hate and fear will not progress our world, it pushes everyone away and it makes me sad to think that people want to regress back to a disconnected world where power rankings are more important than love.



Vaguely what I think about the new Tory Government in the UK

So that’s that. David Cameron is set for another term in Number 10. Is that what I wanted? No, not really. It’s been an interesting election though – probably because it’s my first – and I’ve been proud to be a part of it. Even though the results aren’t quite what I was hoping for, I’m glad I voted because it’s just one of those things that makes no sense if you don’t do it. Why would you not want to have a say in how your country is run? A lot of people argue that it’s because their vote doesn’t count, but surely if all those people who don’t vote do, wouldn’t that make a significant difference?

Now we can look forward to exciting things like a European Referendum, welfare cuts and to everyone’s horror, the decline of the NHS. Woo.

I won’t go on. I don’t know enough about politics to justify going off on one but I will say that I’ll be upset if people start complaining for who they voted for when all the information was right there in the first place before we put a cross in the box yesterday.

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Voting Day (UK General Election)

4341.election-2015.jpg-960x0There’s been an awful lot of build up to this day – the 7th of May, twenty fifteen. Today the British public will flock to their polling stations and scratch a pertinent cross next to who they want in power for the foreseeable future. It’s been heavily reported in the news and has featured all across social networking platforms for months now, each of them battling it out to be the most favourable.

It will be my first ever general election vote – the last time I was only 17 and therefore too young. But this time round I’m 22 and ready to have my say. I know it won’t be as exciting as I think but I’ll be proud to know that I’ve contributed to the outcome for the first time ever.

I know exactly who will get my vote; I’ve known for a while. I’ve done my research and watched the debates, ready for this day and Great Britain, I’m coming at you.

It can be frustrating, though, watching the politicians hammer away at each other, sometimes getting super bitchy in the process. It’s never nice to see someone tell somebody else that they’re basically shit. And people get so heated about politics – I totally get why but it’s never a good time for anybody really, is it?

I don’t think I’ll be staying up to watch the counting: 4am just isn’t my scene but I can’t wait for the result. Friday morning will be a totally different Britain.

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17 Degrees and Light Showers

Hi, hello, hi, erm in case you weren’t aware, it’s August. The eight month of the year in which summer is supposed to greet us Brits with warm and luscious sunshine. Ahem. It’s thundered, it’s lightened and it’s rained buckets all over the past week – we’re lucky that York’s river hasn’t burst its banks yet. And here I am whining about the weather again, but seriously though. It’s August, my complaints are perhaps more legitimate than they usually are. 

Rainy days are the time for watching films and God bless Netflix because I am watching The Desolation of Smaug FINALLY. The only time I’ve actually watched it is on the plane from Mexico and let me tell you, I wasn’t in the most concentrated mood. So I’ve got The Hobbit on, and the rain at the window and to be frank, it’s quite peaceful. Maybe that’s because everybody’s at work or out at the minute, but it’s nice and chilled – other than the bright yellow light in the middle of the living room; I don’t think the landlord has heard of mood lighting. At least I can see.

As I’m sure you know by now, I am constantly forgetting to update this blog, which doesn’t do it justice because I’ve been doing it for about five years now and it deserves updating. There’s never anything interesting to say though which is why I’m here writing a post about nothing in particular. The weather seems to be my favourite topic so it seems that all I can do is small-talk. Small-blog hehe. Okay. Enough of that. 

I’m starting two new jobs soon (two very different ones at that) so there should be some interesting stories come out of those. Unless you don’t like trains, but I’ll get into that later.

Please have a very happy week, I know it’s Monday but it’ll be Friday soon and I’ll find some sort of topic before you can say WordPress. 

Thank you.



It’s been prettyyyyy hot for the passed few days here in England and at last! I’ve been really excited about it, it just lets you do so muchmore and with so much more energy. Example. On Friday I went on a walk with a school friend and got sunburnt, then I went on a 2 hour bike ride with my Dad which was ace. I haven’t been on my bike in literally years and it felt so good to get back on it (although I am still suffering from the seat, boo-hoo). We went around the new RSPB area that’s just opened up two minutes from my house. It’s so pretty down there, I’ll have to post some photos of it next time I go.

RSPB Site, Allerton Bywater

This week I’m also looking forward to the Great Yorkshire Show on Wednesday and hopefully the weather will be generous (fingers crossed). In case you’re wondering, this show is like a massive agricultural fair sort of thing that comes to Yorkshire every year. I haven’t been for a long time and every time I have been before, my Grandad always used to come with us, so it might be a little sad, but I’m looking forward to it all the same. I’ll certainly be posting about that – I’m planning to commandeer my Dad’s fancy camera to take lots of pictures, so it should be fun. One downside is that I’ll have to get up at an ungodly hour. And I struggle with that. But we’ll see. Maybe the excitement will help me.

I realise that the majority of my posts don’t make sense and aren’t that relevant, but I enjoy writing them and you have to bear with me, it’s almost midnight here and I’m exhausted from all the activity this weekend. Polite activity, by the way. Just sayin’.

Keep an eye out for my post on the Yorkshire Show! Laterz.

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Home again

I should probably be writing reviews for Prometheus and American Psycho as Carter wants me to, but for now I’m quiiite sleepy and watching Russell Howard, so this is literally giving you a heads up to what reviews are coming up. Also, check out Carter’s blog, it’d help if I hadn’t forgotten the name of it, useful as I am, but I’ll link you one day 🙂 Anyway, enjoy your day/night as a rejoice in the luxuries of home…and the jubilee of course 😉 Ciao! 🙂