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Children are sunrises…allow me to explain.

I get up early, there’s no two ways about it, 6am is early. It’s dark when I leave the house – I am literally up before the sun itself and often it’s raining and miserably cold. And this is all whilst I’m on my way to work when it would be much more preferable to stay in bed (wouldn’t we all just love that). So here I am, walking along to get my lift to the school when I notice something. I have some epic music in my ears (probably Taylor Swift, but she’s epic to me) so I haven’t really been paying attention to my surroundings, other than when I need to cross the road of course, but all of a sudden there is light in the atmosphere. And I can see the sun coming up into the sky in the most beautiful way I can imagine. I never used to see this, what with the earliest lecture being 9am which meant getting up at 8, but since I’ve been working at school I have had the pleasure of seeing the gorgeous golden light that tints the sky on a morning. It’s not always golden though, (but that’s my favourite) it can be pink, orange and even a lilac colour if the weather is right. And it’s just glorious; it makes the 6am start all worth it.

School is hard, there’s no two ways about it, the work is hard. It’s tiring when I enter the building or a classroom and I am confronted by a flurry of different alterations, requests or information that may or may not be relevant. All this is whilst I’m trying to do the actual job that I have when it would be much more preferable to sit with a coffee and reflect for half a second (wouldn’t we all just love that). So here I am, working with children, adults and sixth formers, all of whom I am able to help in some way (or so I hope I am!) and my brain is hurting. But then, out of the blue, whoever I am working with clicks, they get it, they understand what they are doing and have learned something. Or, I laugh at a joke with a sixth form student and we continue to improve our relationship together. I never used to see this, when I was at school – I would arrive at 8.30, do my lessons, be good with the teachers and go home at 3 o’ clock. What a life, but now I am here, I get to see all the wonderful things that happen with various kids that I had no idea would go on before. I am no longer in my own tiny little bubble where it was just me. I am a part of this school community and I am making a difference. It makes all the hard work, the headaches and the stress pretty much worth it.

And that is why children are like sunrises. They surprise you when you’ve been in the darkness for so long and they come up shining.



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Everything Aches…

We’ve [me and Lisa] just got back from a two hour bike ride round the ponds in my village and it’s safe to say that we are absolutely knackered. I’ve just crawled out of the shower and managed to make it downstairs to the computer, but it doesn’t look good for us for the rest of the evening. I think a nap is a move in the right direction. Good call.

Think it’ll be round two tomorrow. Can’t get enough of dem swans.





It’s been prettyyyyy hot for the passed few days here in England and at last! I’ve been really excited about it, it just lets you do so muchmore and with so much more energy. Example. On Friday I went on a walk with a school friend and got sunburnt, then I went on a 2 hour bike ride with my Dad which was ace. I haven’t been on my bike in literally years and it felt so good to get back on it (although I am still suffering from the seat, boo-hoo). We went around the new RSPB area that’s just opened up two minutes from my house. It’s so pretty down there, I’ll have to post some photos of it next time I go.

RSPB Site, Allerton Bywater

This week I’m also looking forward to the Great Yorkshire Show on Wednesday and hopefully the weather will be generous (fingers crossed). In case you’re wondering, this show is like a massive agricultural fair sort of thing that comes to Yorkshire every year. I haven’t been for a long time and every time I have been before, my Grandad always used to come with us, so it might be a little sad, but I’m looking forward to it all the same. I’ll certainly be posting about that – I’m planning to commandeer my Dad’s fancy camera to take lots of pictures, so it should be fun. One downside is that I’ll have to get up at an ungodly hour. And I struggle with that. But we’ll see. Maybe the excitement will help me.

I realise that the majority of my posts don’t make sense and aren’t that relevant, but I enjoy writing them and you have to bear with me, it’s almost midnight here and I’m exhausted from all the activity this weekend. Polite activity, by the way. Just sayin’.

Keep an eye out for my post on the Yorkshire Show! Laterz.


Just A Thought #5

Yeah, I’m gonna have to be more careful when I post from my Kindle. Took me a good few days to realise the Game of Thrones poster I used for the accompanying picture was bigger than the post itself and it was doubled. Also spelling is an issue there. My bad.

Here’s a picture of a big massive crane that sits in my village. Well, I think it’s cool. 🙂


Oh and I went into Leeds today for the first time in a while. And it rained, but what can I say? It’s England.

I’m going now, I swear. Laterz!