I want to just say a massive happy 19th birthday to my baby sister, Molly. It’s a ripe old age is nineteen, I remember it fondly – still a teenager but also a fully-fledged adult. This, however, is dedicated to my sister instead of something metaphoric about age and growing old. We’ve grown up together and it’s always been great. Obviously, there’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations but I think overall we are the best two sisters I’ve ever seen. We’re basically twins – just got that sort of connection, y’know? We like similar things (except superheroes, you can keep those, Molly) and we have the exact same sense of humour (except maybe YouTube peeps, I can never get my head around those vloggers, sorry dude).

I’ve always heard since I was younger that we are two of the most well brought up young people they’ve ever seen – why thank you, Mum and Dad – and I kind of agree. I love home. I’m staying at home tonight and I can’t wait.

So here’s to Molly, the best sister anyone could ever have and I’ll see you tonight with a bag full of presents, no less.

Some photos for your enjoyment…

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Adult Realisations

The 15th of December, coincidently, the 15th week of this term and four days until the end of it. Let me tell you, this is no minor detail. It’s huge. It’s all anybody’s talking about, there is a vague buzz going about the school of happiness and a sudden weird burst of energy from somewhere. It’s the final push before Christmas and everyone wants it now. Not just the staff though, obviously the kids as well. And I totally get it, I remember coming up to the last week of term, knowing that Friday meant a 1pm finish and then the festivities could begin. Except this time with the end of term approaching I can look forward to travelling back and forth from Stockport, York and Garforth and sophisticated presents that I can use in every day life. But most of all I can look forward to settling down with a Baileys and hot chocolate or a fruity cider on a night and enjoying a glass of the classic Bucks Fizz on Christmas Day. Won’t it be wonderful?? Yes, growing up has its downsides like paying for things, work, stress and taxes etc but to be honest since turning the ripe old age of 22 (drastic, I know) I’m realising that there are many more good things to being an adult than I thought.

I’ve been an adult for a while now, obviously, and I’ve been living independently for over three years but since starting full time work I’ve really stated to think about life and how humans work; whether I agree with it or not 😉 and such.

Life is hard, but it’s times like Christmas that really make it great and I really appreciate everything that I have (even though I’m really poor and would love some more dosh but whatever) no but I am grateful. And thankful. And I can’t wait to spend Christmas with everyone I love.