Woman in Black [The]

This is a really good and enjoyable film. Well, if you get enjoyment from being forced to pap it every five minutes, but y’know, the-woman-in-blackeveryone’s got a different fear threshold. So yes! To the fear element! Which is sort of the whole point of this film’s existence… I won’t deny it. I was terrified and hid behind my scarf throughout the whole thing; whether that’s just me being a wuss or not, I don’t know. The worst thing about it is that you know it’s coming, you know something’s going to shit you up very soon, but you can never predict when or how. Jeez, it did make me jump several times. And every time it happened I was like, ‘Aw crap not again,’ but it happens to literally everyone so you don’t feel a fool. So yeah, it was extremely scary…and I still picture the woman’s face at night by accident. Which is the worst thing about it! Your mind plays with you more than what you actually see on screen, which isn’t cool, but it won’t stop me watching scary stuff haha.

But it’s not just a scary ghost film; it’s actually got depth to it. This is difficult to explain because I don’t want to give the story away, but essentially, it’s not just about a crazy woman in black ghostly figure running around scaring the bejeezus out of everyone. It’s really interesting and you find yourself wanting to know more about the story. There’s a moment when it’s all revealed and you’re like Aaahhh, so that’s why. It’s pretty cool. But terrifying. I was only talking to someone about it last night and scared myself. When it comes to ghosts and zombies in films, that’s it, I’m done. Chop all the heads off that you want, skewer people through their eyes, I don’t care, just don’t show me ghosts or zombies without cuddling me while you do it.

But definitely go see it, highly recommended!

I think it’s now safe to say that yes, I bloody do believe in ghosts.

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