Hunger Games [The] (Revised)

Firstly, I’d like to say that my previous review for this film was highly inaccurate. I compared it to Twilight quite severely and even hunger_games_posterthough this was my opinion at the time, I’ve now re-watched The Hunger Games and I loved it. It’s made me want to read the books so if anybody wants to lend me them, they are welcome.

The whole film gives me the creeps because of the nature of the story – I mean this futuristic country(?) is strictly divided into poor districts whereas the Capitol has riches and power and happiness and every year two children are chosen from each of the twelve districts to be put into a Big Brother-style competition where they are forced to fight the the death. Ugh it makes me shudder at the thought. It’s horrible, especially at the beginning, seeing the children as they stand in their Sunday best, praying that their name isn’t going to be picked out. It’s such a scary thought. And I think what makes it scarier is that we know from history that this kind of thing could happen. The concept reminds me a little of Nazi Germany, something which I’m not prepared to go into because it’s not a huge connection with the film.

In my last review, I hated Katniss Everdeen. But she’s amazing! Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence. She’s pretty boss too. But Katniss, I love the fact that she can shoot arrows. I don’t know what it is about that weapon, but I love it, like with Robin Hood and Legolas and I use it on Minecraft all the time. She’s so strong as well, kind of hating on her for that but she’s a great role model for the film. It’s great when you get a female character – no, lead – who’s not pathetic and can’t hold her own, but this gal can. I would argue that there’s a certain role reversal between her and Peeta; at times, it’s like he’s the woman in all of this, although he is strong himself and he’s smart. He’s just a bit…wet…compared to Katniss.

The main reason I didn’t like The Hunger Games at first was because I didn’t get the love thing between Katniss and Peeta. Originally, I thought that it was like Twilight where he loves and she loves someone else and she’s leading him on because she’s a bitch. No, I figured out – rather slowly gotta be said – that he does fancy her, quite a lot (but who wouldn’t?) and she’s concentrating more on the competition at hand, which I kind of would be to be honest, but she goes along with it just to get the audiences to feel sorry for them and love them and want them to survive. It’s all about the tactics and the sponsors that you get. They get some medicine for Peeta because she kisses him. It’s all a brilliant plan. But, bless him, he thinks it’s for realzies.

I feel like watching the film again now, it’s one of those I’ll probably start watching every day…if I get this uni work done, and then I’ll love it forever. Looking forward to the next installment and actually reading the books.

(Previous rating 4/10) RATING NOW: 8/10


5 thoughts on “Hunger Games [The] (Revised)”

  1. I thought this movie was terrible. I put it on my worst movies on 2012 list. It was like watching a bad soap opera. She has a bow but yet she doesn’t use it to kill off the competition she hides away for most of the movie doing nothing. A friend of mine told me this movie was like Gladiator. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

    1. I wouldn’t say it was like Gladiator at all haha. I think it’s really interesting ^_^ And I read the books, although the crazy side of the fanbase does annoy me.

      1. Oh definitely over hyped and the coming sequel is too. Having said that, I’m looking forward to going to see it haha :p

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