Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy [The]

Otherwise known as The Three Flavours Cornetto TrilogyThe Cornetto Trilogy or more simply, Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz and The World’s End for those who have no idea what I’m talking about. The reason it’s known as The Cornetto Trilogy is due to the fact that during the filming of Hot Fuzz, somebody pointed out the inclusion of the ice cream and that the colours were relevant to the films – zombies: red, police: blue and then end of the world alien-but-not-alien-things: green. I was originally going to just write about The World’s End, just released not long ago, but then I thought why not lump them all together, seeing as I’ve neglected to write about the others. It’s also likely that I’ll be vlogging about The World’s End, but I have to edit that first. But now, onto the films! They’re all a result of the collaboration of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and feature a lot of familiar faces, in case you didn’t already know, which I would be surprised about because I’m unaware of any British people that haven’t seen the first two at least… Let’s start from the beginning. Makes sense, right?


This gem from 2004 is a…parody, if you will to the zombie flick Dawn of the Dead, which if you know me, you will know that I haven’t seen that particular film. I can barely watch this film. It’s the zombies, they just freak me out so badly. I mean, why do they have to walk like that, why?! Ahem. This is a really clever film, actually, sticking the funny into a pretty apocalyptic situation and throwing a little romance in there too. Shaun is a bit of a lame-o, shall we say; his girlfriend leaves him, his job is monotonous and so on and so forth. Funny that, monotonous. The whole point of the establishment of the film is to show us that we are already zombies with all our ‘social’ gadgets and doodahs like that. I think we’re all just bored really, aren’t we? Technology’s moving too fast, which means it’s not moving fast enough for us. Anyway. There’s plenty of hilarious points in this which are mostly made up of little references and jokes that you might not otherwise get unless you watched it for a second time. The plausibility of the zombies is irrelevant, who needs realism when there are zombies shuffling around? *Shudders* But you look past that. You want to know if Shaun and his friends and love interest will get – oh and his mum – will get to the Winchester – oh and his stepfather Phil…awkward – alive. It’s just a nice, good, British film. Never mind all these zombies occurring in America or somewhere fancy like that, I find they’re much creepier when based in London or something. Like the recent ZombieU WiiU game. That’s terrifying. Not saying I’ve played it, I’ve watched. I digress. I’m pretty confident that anybody reading this will have already seen Shaun of the Dead and will just be nodding along in agreement, in which case, good on you fella. Otherwise, go buy it on DVD; it’ll be like £3 in HMV or something and watch it. Don’t be a wuss like me, you can get past the zombies. I just about did. Just about…



Hot Fuzz as I’m sure you’re aware, is about a cool cop from the mean streets of London being transferred to an adorable little village/town in the country called Sandford, where all the lawns are perfect, the streets are clean and nobody pisses in the fountains. But as we watch the film, we begin to realise that something is seriously wrong with this town and the people in it. Again, it’s hilarious and pokes a lot of fun at a varied amount of people: actors, the police, supermarket managers, farmers, London, all sorts. It’s also one of…well I’m not actually aware of any others…a few films that feature a grand battle in a supermarket, namely Somerfield. Does that even exist anymore? Maybe they destroyed the last one. So. We have rogue swans, bombs, Jim Broadbent, and crazy old people with guns. It’s one of the most far-fetched things I’ve ever seen (but wait until we get to the third installment of this trilogy) and I absolutely love it. It’s hilarious through and through, even if it’s a little bit gory. But there are points where it’s gory and hilarious at the same time. Gorlarious. Sure, we’ll go with that. It’s actually a really clever story and obviously, coming from Edgar Wright, it’s really cleverly made. I love how the same editing techniques pop up throughout all the films, not just because it’s the same director; it’s done absolutely on purpose. Throughout this movie we see how Nicholas Angle learns that as much as he loves his job, it isn’t the be all and end all. We see how he starts to value relationships and social interaction over his duties, especially when he’s off duty and it’s super happy in that sense. It’s just a bit darker than you might anticipate. In fact, when you think about it, it’s insanely dark, coated in nice blue colours and chocolate sprinkles. Sort of. It’s such a laugh, I swear to God, if you haven’t seen it you are crazy, where have you been??



I think first and foremost it’s fair to say that this was one of the most anticipated movies of the year, especially for us nerdlings. I first heard about this ages ago and since then, I’ve been buzzing for it. Similar to the others, obviously, it’s hilarious. There’s a laugh around every corner, mostly with little references to the other two movies and to things that only the Brits will understand and to things that only avid movie watchers will get. It’s just clever. And it’s got a fantastic cast. It’s beautiful how you see the same actors from the other two films appear in this one, some as subtle as you can get, for example, there’s a girl in the circle at the beginning. In the circle, there’s a girl. Bilbo Baggins- I mean, Martin Freeman is also in it. WTF, right? Watch it, you’ll see. The only thing about this film (this isn’t a negative point at all) is that you have to just roll with it…you kinda just have to accept what’s going on and ignore the issue of realism or plausibility. Just watch it, accept it and deal with it. Or Bill Nighy will have something to say, I’m sure. It’s just so great. It’s so clever and I did watch it as though it was a tribute to the other two. Despite this, it can stand on its own, of course. It’s not to say that it’s useless without the other two; they’re completely different storylines. But I would advise that you go see this one quickly at the cinema before it’s gone. And if you saw it in the screening of all three of them with a free Cornetto, then good on you! Definitely watch it, deal with it and enjoy it. It’s such a good film. Cheers!


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