So I was a tad reluctant to watch this at first; somehow I had it in my head that it was meant to be a film about a young girl ghost who haunts a family…think I have my movies mixed up somewhere. But no, it’s about this little Russian girl who gets adopted by a couple who lost a baby a while ago. And yeah, it is kinda scary. There are a couple of moments when your heart jumps a little and you look around, kind of embarrassed thinking, ‘Ooh ‘eck that made me jump.’ Clearly, you’re all from Yorkshire.

I actually think it’s quite a good film, I was genuinely concerned about the characters’ welfare, mainly the little deaf-mute girl, Max. She’s so cute! But I didn’t like her just because she was cute; she seemed far more intelligent than her age and she knew exactly what was going on with this crazy Russian girl, Esther. And the boy, a typical American young boy who just wanted to play Guitar Hero with his friends. He was lovely, and the fact that he was scared of her made me like him even more, because he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. I think the reason why I liked the whole family so much was because all they wanted was to have another child with them and, I will admit, I thought that Esther was the sweetest girl I’d ever seen. Evidently not.

I think it’s great how the sense of danger builds up incredibly slowly throughout and you just sort of start to think, ‘Hang on a minute, what’s she doing there?’ The murder of a pigeon was a particular shock to me, even though they make my skin crawl.

But it’s not all sunshine and flowers, of course not. I don’t like the beginning at all. Yes, it’s a dream, we find out, but it’s utterly disgusting. And I knowwwww it’s meant to be shocking and all that, but I just didn’t like it. I mean, Kate, the main character, is in hospital having a baby, but the baby dies inside of her and nobody gives a shit in the operating theatre. Her husband’s there, filming away on his Handycam camcorder and the nurses are there smiling and laughing at her. Then they hand her a bloody, dead baby. Not cool. I felt like it was mocking miscarriages/stillbirths and I don’t think it was appropriate at all. Why they had to twist it into something nastier, I do not know because the loss of a child is not something I can even begin to imagine anyway.

The rest of the film, however, is a reasonable watch. It’s pretty entertaining and there are a few twists in it that made me think: ooh, that’s clever! But yeah, watch it! And if you want, skip the first five minutes if you, like me, are beyond against that kind of thing in movies. And it’s not that scary, it’s just quite interesting. 🙂

7 out of 10

1 thought on “Orphan”

  1. I didn’t mind the beginning of the move at all. I don’t think it was mocking miscarriages. I have experience in that area. My wife had a miscarriage 5 years ago. That being said I hated the ending to this movie. I probably score about the same as you because i enjoyed the rest of the movie.

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