Going Overboard

This was Adam Sandler’s first feature and, if I’m honest, it’s utter rubbish. The plot is the worst I’ve ever experienced, the acting (even Sandler’s) was as wooden as a mannikin’s and the scenes were shot with incredible amateur knowledge. Fair enough, I’m no professional, but to say that this film made it to DVD…let’s just say I expected a little more.

I knew before I even opened the DVD case that this film was not going to be deep or that professional just by looking at the DVD jacket. They say never judge a book by its cover; I did and I was right about this one.

I know that the film is practically no budget (they even state this in the film) but surely they could have made a better attempt at creating a decent DVD jacket and a decent film.

The storyline, I must say, is quite loose and is not explored enough; they seem to pay more attention to the women in bikinis rather than the actual plot. This leads me onto the supposed genre of the film: sexy comedy. Given that the fashions are not in cohesion with those of today, the ‘sexiness’ of the film is still incredibly low. Unless, of course, you are interested only in watching women sunbathe, then, please, enjoy this film.

Ans as for the comedy part of the genre, well, I laughed no more than once. I know that Adam Sandler is a funny guy and I accept that this is his first feature, but there is nothing amusing about this film at all.

The worst thing about the film was that I didn’t understand most of it; the plot left me at moments and I forgot what was going on, characters came and went and some I didn’t even know who they were or why they were there.

I’d read in some trivia about the film that the crew forgot to take the correct camera lenses onto the cruise ship, demonstrating the lack of money and wit, apparently. I got the impression that the producers were trying to make quick money, rather than take the time and care that is required to make a good film.

I didn’t enjoy this at all and found myself very much distracted most of the time, but I persevered and gave it the chance that every film deserves. Never again. I don’t recommend this film at all, unless you want to be left distraught by the lack of care put into editing and shooting and writing. I feel as though it took a matter of two weeks to make altogether.

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