Easy A

This is one of my favourite films primarily because it’s hilarious, sharp and sweet. It’s not a chick flick per say, but I would’ve thought Easy-A-posterthe only reason guys would want to watch it would be for the glory that is Emma Stone. She suits the character brilliantly, however, I kind of find it unbelievable that she would be the type of girl that’s not ridiculously popular at school. Just look at her.

Essentially the story is about Olive who’s virtually invisible to the rest of the school until one of her friends assumes she’s recently lost her “v-card” to a boyfriend that she’d actually made up. The rumour about her spreads like wildfire and after confiding in a gay friend, he asks her to pretend that they’ve slept together to stop people bullying him. Soon, other less popular guys find out about this and before long she’s accepting several payments from lots of different boys. She then develops this slutty alter ego, happy that she’s being noticed at school. And, as expected because, well, it’s a teen movie, everything goes pear shaped for her and several people start to turn against her.

It’s similar to Mean Girls, I suppose, in the sense that it’s about one girl who leads a relatively normal life until she becomes influenced by the rest of the school which affects their relationships with their friends and family and confuses her throughout, which is the general rule for being a teenage girl.

It’s a really fun movie to watch and there’s a lot of laughs in it with quite a few comedy faces like Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes and Lisa Kudrow and not to mention Olive’s parents who literally make me laugh beyond belief.

I’ve run out of steam. But watch it, it’s lots of fun, I promise.


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