Okay…Buried. Literally it is what the title claims to be. But it’s honestly not that bad. In my opinion anyway. I thought it was interesting; a clever idea to base a whole 90 minute film on a guy inside a box. Well, I say guy, it’s Ryan Reynolds, so come on. I mean, I’m sure something like this has been tried before and failed, but I think this works, the more I think about it. Just very briefly: Reynolds or Paul as he’s called in the film, wakes up in a coffin with a phone and a few other choice items. So it’s technically not just him in it, he does manage to speak to various people rather than to himself. He’s meant to be this lorry driver in Iraq and the idea is that his convoy got blown up and he’s been taken as a hostage so that these men can get money off the American government.

It’s actually a pretty good watch, although it does get a bit slow through the middle, to be honest, I lost track of who he was talking to and why and they throw a snake into it at some point just to jazz it up. Riiight, a snake. But anyway, one of the things I kept complaining at was the awful quality of the film, only to be shot down and told that it’s like that because he’s only being lit by a little lighter. Which I can’t decide if it’s possible or not, but that’s not something to judge. Oh and he finds a glow stick and a torch at one point so there are varying qualities and colours of light. It’s just a bit strange how they filmed it, I didn’t expect the quality to be poor; I thought they would’ve cheated it or something. Who knows.

But I’m drifting. I’m not intending to analyse the film in this post, I’m just trying to tell you whether I thought it was good or not and I think yes, it was, although I doubt I’d bother watching it more than once because after you’ve seen it, it sort of renders the rest of the film a tad useless. To some extent.

But yes, watch it, rate it and enjoy it. I give it about 6 out of 10. Now I must go as my Milky Bar is calling to me from across the room…

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