About Me

Oh hai.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, like me.

I’m Brittany, 24, from Castleford and studying an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication at Leeds Uni.

For work I manage the social media accounts for the UK’s only enquiry handling company for aesthetic practices. It’s really interesting work because I get to write blogs, post photos on Instagram, write tweets and it’s just great to see all the feedback of the campaigns that work.

I want to be a writer (well I guess I am one), which is why I’ve got a blog and have done for about seven years now. But to get paid for writing is the literal dream.

I’d love to be a novelist or something like that – fiction and storytelling is where my heart lies.

I love being creative and I’m always up to something like clay modelling, painting, drawing, sewing, writing, singing, designing, taking pictures, cooking…. lots of different things.

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, other Twitter, Linked In and Instagram 🙂

Here are some photos that I think represent my life fairly accurately, although they don’t show how much I like to eat and I mean seriously, it’s all I think about.

What’s for tea……..

Thanks for visiting!




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