Life Experience

“I can’t go out, I’m sick.”

Dedicated to Michael Cornell

When you’re ill and all you want to do is drown in blankets and hot chocolate, and just kim-possible-sickbeing asked ‘are you okay’ makes hot tears seep down your cheeks. Not because of sadness, you just have too much liquid in your face.

Lemsip and tea are the only real medicines that work and sneezing just becomes a fact of life, eventually following a schedule.

How many tissues are in the bin? Or are they actually all inside my brain?

Who decided that breathing is not as important as it used to be? Because I quite enjoyed that when it worked properly.

I’m losing energy like it’s going out of fashion and my eyes feel like tennis balls.

When you’re ill and you can’t even finish a blog post well so you give up and try to find some health from somewhere.

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